The final step in the hiring process is actually getting the new faculty member here and started in their career at UW.

It’s important that new faculty feel welcomed, informed, and supported as they establish themselves here.

The New Faculty Checklist provided by Academic HR is a helpful tool to ensure new faculty members are onboarded correctly and given the access and information they need to get started. Some other suggested ways to make a new faculty member’s start a positive experience include:

  1. Check in with the faculty member about their participation in the Faculty Fellows Program in September, and the Faculty Field Tour in the summer months (as mentioned in the offer letter).
  2. Make sure their new office is clean. Does it need to be repainted? Do the carpet or blinds need to be cleaned? Get this work done before they arrive so they walk in to a nice office.
  3. Supply the office with adequate office furniture and supplies, and get the phone registered in their name.
  4. Have their name plate already on the office door and other office directories/mailboxes on their first day.
  5. Host a reception for the new faculty member, inviting students, faculty, staff and any potential collaborators to meet and welcome them.
  6. The Chair or Director should meet one-on-one with the new faculty member a few weeks into their first quarter to check-in with them, and to determine if regular check-ins would be helpful and desirable.
  7. Remember to point the new faculty member in the direction of the Center for Teaching and Learning, Royalty Research Fund, Office of Research, and other appropriate resources to help them get off to a strong start.