This guide is a set of standards for the writing and structure of UW College of the Environment content, either for general use or for a specific publication, website or organization.

The College’s style guide is intended to take some of the guesswork out of writing for the College’s public audiences and gather language, grammar and formatting standards in one place. It should also help unify our institutional voice and reinforce our commitment to detail, consistency and professionalism.

Who is this style guide for?

  • The College of the Environment’s Marketing and Communications team.
  • Teams and individuals within the Dean’s Office who write or edit website content.
  • Teams within the Dean’s Office who develop print and online collateral.
  • Communicators elsewhere at the College, in academic and research units in particular, as requested.

When should I use the style guide?

The College’s style guide should be referenced when creating content and materials intended for the public, including:

  • The College website.
  • Other websites that fall under the College’s umbrella (units, initiatives, labs, etc.).
  • Content and materials development for units, initiatives, recruitment, outreach.
  • Social media.
  • Event materials (emails, print invitations, programs, station/table signage, etc.).
  • Print collateral (brochures, one-pagers, fact sheets, leave behinds, etc.).
  • The College’s calendar of events.
  • College newsletter content.

Style guide sections at-a-glance

  • Voice and Personality: How we talk about ourselves and the work we do.
  • Grammar and Style: A refresher on AP style and a quick look at the most misused AP style points across the College.
  • College-specific Grammar and Style: In some instances, editorial standards can be institution-specific. Here’s a list of UW Environment-specific grammar and style points.

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