The College of the Environment provides ongoing support and consulting to College units for emails sent through Marketo, an email newsletter tool supported and provided by UW Marketing and Communications and UW Advancement. The College Marketing and Communications team will review and approve all messages sent through Marketo on behalf of the College and maintain a set of standards for brand consistency and best practices.

We support units with College template components, list assembly and upload, and provide consulting on best practices. The Marketo team in central UW Marketing and Communications sets overall standards and provides support and training to all Marketo users for the tool itself.


  •  Support units in creating and sending Marketo email messages, including help with email lists, subscription centers, message approval and delivery, and College email templates.
  • Support UW brand consistency by producing a consistent set of template components for College unit email messages.
  • Ensure that messages are sent to the right audiences by managing email lists and user subscriptions through Marketo subscription centers.
  • Improve user experience for email messages by consulting with College units on email marketing and template best practices.

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Core Marketer

Staff person(s) in College schools/departments/units responsible for producing Marketo email messages and assembling audience lists.


  • Core Marketers produce marketing email messages using Marketo and template components provided by the College of the Environment.
  • They submit requests for donor and alumni lists from Advance at least 3 weeks before their desired send date and time.
  • They assemble faculty, staff, and student lists and submit as part of their message request.
  • They submit messages and email lists for review at least 3 business days before their requested send date and time.

UW Environment Marketing and Communications


  • We review unit email messages for Marketo configuration, grammar, spelling, brand and other issues. We provide feedback and troubleshooting to Core Marketers.
  • We pull donor and alumni email lists from Advance upon request.
  • We schedule messages for delivery.
  • We provide feedback on best practices for email campaigns.


Initial request for email marketing support

Timing: At least 2 months prior to message delivery date

  • Meeting with unit communications staff and leadership.
  • Approval by the College of Marketo support for unit.
  • Identification of the person in the role of Core Marketer.

Unit Marketo set-up

Timing: At least 3 weeks prior to message delivery date

  • Core Marketer completes Marketo training with central Marketo team.
  • College Marketing and Communications team completes unit email header.
  • Core Marketer meets with the College for training on templates, email lists, and subscription center set-up.

Alumni and donor list updates

Timing: At least 3 weeks prior to message delivery date

  • Core Marketer requests list updates for Advance donor and alumni data.

Message request

Timing: At least 3 business days prior to message delivery date

  • Core Marketer submits message request, including a proofread final draft and final audience lists through the College’s email request form.
  • The College reviews and proofreads message, uploads and checks audiences, lists and subscription centers, and schedules message for delivery.

Message send

Timing: Day of message delivery

  • The College confirms that the message sent as planned and works with the core marketer to identify and resolve issues, if needed.

Follow up

Timing: After message delivery

  • The College provides recommendations to core marketer, as needed.

Email requirements


All email sent to UW alumni, donors, or members of the general public on behalf of the College of the Environment or its units must be sent via Marketo and include a subscription preference in the message audience. This ensures that subscribers have a clear means of managing their email subscriptions and encourages best practices surrounding privacy and subscription management.


As you configure email programs and messages, please follow all processes and checklists provided by the UW Marketo team at your training.

Also, please be sure that you are creating each new Marketo email program by cloning a program shell that has not previously been used to send an email. In most cases, the College online communications team will provide you with a program shell prior to your first Marketo message. Programs cloned from active email campaigns may copy data from the original campaign and corrupt your program analytics.

Message templates and content

All emails sent by the College, its units and departments must follow basic University of Washington brand guidelines, be free of spelling and grammatical errors, and include a set of required components.

Required components for College unit Marketo messages


  • Link: “To view this email as a web page, click here”
  • Purple UW Header (not a unit or College header)
  • Header image provided by the College with unit name (please contact us to change)

Content area

  • Disability accommodation message (events only).
    If the message is an event invite, it must include the following disability accommodation notice at the bottom of the message:
    “To request disability accommodation, contact the Disability Services Office at 206-543-6450 (voice), 206-543-6452 (TTY), 206-685-7264 (fax) or The University of Washington makes every effort to honor disability accommodation requests. Requests can be responded to most effectively if received as far in advance of the event as possible, preferably at least 10 days.”
  • No custom html or off-brand typography


  • Gray link bar
    • UW Home (not editable)
    • [Unit Name] Home
    • College Home (linked to
  •  Links:
    • Contact
    • UW Privacy policy
    • UW Terms of use
  • Copyright statement and address
    • Example:  © 2022 UW College of the Environment, 1492 NE Boat St. Suite#200, Seattle, WA 98105
    • Example:  © 2022 UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, Anderson Hall, Box 352100 Seattle, WA 98195
  • Delivery statement
    • “This email was sent to [email address]”
  • Link: “Unsubscribe or change your email preferences”
  • Link: “Forward this email to a friend”


If you have questions about College of the Environment Marketo processes or your email message request, please contact us at

Dean's Office Contact: