Safe and inclusive working environments for off-campus or off-site research

As of January 30, 2023, NSF requires a “Plan for Safe and Inclusive Field/Vessel/Aircraft Research” or PSI-FVAR* for all proposals that propose off-campus or off site research.

  • This document certifies that the organization has a plan in place regarding safe and inclusive working environments at the time of proposal submission.
  • We recognize that there is overlap between this Plan for Safe and Inclusive Field/Vessel/Aircraft Research and the EH&S Field Operations Safety Manual. Because OSP will need to see a project-specific PSI-FVAR in an eGC1 before submitting a proposal to NSF, PIs should plan on having a separate PSI-FVAR that can be separated from a more comprehensive Field Operations Safety Plan.
  • Please feel free to use the below templates and modify as appropriate for your own proposals:


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