Research Cost Recovery (RCR) is the allocation of funds back to academic and research units that generate indirect costs from grants and contracts. The College receives 35% of the Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR) funds generated by grants and contracts and then redistributes these funds to the unit level as RCR.

The current unit distribution is based on actual annual direct cost expenditures and the period for which the calculations are done is the 12-month period from April 1 through March 30, allowing the University to set RCR budgets before the beginning of the fiscal year. The College’s formula for return to individual units is 75% of the College’s allocated RCR funds (i.e., 26.25% of the total ICR generated by a unit’s grant and contract activity). The remaining balance (i.e., 8.75% of the total ICR) is reserved by the College to support a range of research needs, commitments, and investments.

RCR funds are put into a unit’s 75-xxxx budget and may be used for research needs at the discretion of the department chair.

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