The College Curriculum Committee is responsible for curricular policy matters at the college level, including general oversight of courses and programs offered for the common benefit of all departments. It also helps to stimulate new educational ideas and developments in the college. The Committee is responsible for reviewing the following:

Although the Committee reviews and approves new undergraduate and graduate courses, it does not review special topics courses offered by units via their special topics course numbers designed for temporary, one-time offerings. It is the responsibility of units to regularly review and oversee the use of their special topics numbers. When units use their special topics numbers to offer pilot versions of potential new permanent courses, the Committee encourages those units to consult with potentially affected units during the early stages of planning for new course proposals.

* The Graduate School’s Office of Academic Affairs and Planning coordinates the review of new graduate, but the College Curriculum Committee reviews proposals to create or change graduate programs within the college before final proposals are submitted to the Graduate School.

College course application and course fee deadlines 2018-2019

Including Course Change Applications, New Course Applications, & Adding or Changing Course Fees

Aut ’18

Win ’19

Spr ’19

Sum ’19

Aut ’19

Win ’20

Spr ’20

Deadline to submit 2/7/18 5/18/18 11/27/18 1/11/19 2/8/19 5/17/19 Autumn


Aut ’18

Win ’19

Spr ’19

Sum ’19

Aut ’19

Win ’20

Spr ’20

Time schedule available online 4/13/18 10/12/18 1/25/19 2/1/19 April 2019 Oct 2019 Jan 2020
Student registration begins 5/4/18 11/2/18 2/15/19 4/15/19 May 2019 Nov 2019 Feb 2020

Deadlines correspond to University Curriculum Committee deadlines and allow time to complete review and approval before the quarterly time schedule is posted online.

To be considered, proposals must be submitted to the College Curriculum Committee by the proposal submission deadline for each meeting. In addition, new course and course change proposals must be submitted by the quarterly deadlines listed below.

Please submit course proposals using the UW Curriculum Management (UW CM) system. This system supports the submission of new course and course change applications.

For assistance with the UW CM system, contact Michelle Hall (College or the Environment, Curriculum Committee staff), your unit’s curriculum coordinator or curriculum committee chair (see unit contacts below), or the UW Curriculum Office.

Please submit proposals regarding new programs or changes to program requirements (1503 Forms to change undergraduate program requirements, proposals to change graduate degree requirements, etc.) as follows:

Please send the signed original hard copies with supporting materials to the College Curriculum Committee, Box 355355 AND email electronic files for all materials to by the appropriate deadline.

Meeting calendar 2018-2019

The committee will meet approximately three times per quarter in the Ocean Sciences Building Room 203. Meeting times vary quarterly.

Units submitting a 1503 Form to change program requirements should consult the proposal deadlines for the FCAS Sub-Committee on Admissions and Programs (SCAP) and the UW Seattle 1503 Approval Process.


College Curriculum Committee


College Curriculum Committee Meeting Dates

UW Curriculum Committee Deadlines

UW Curriculum Committee

Meeting Dates

NA Canceled 10/1 10/16
10/16 10/22
11/1, 12/3 11/13, 12/18
11/27 12/4
1/2* 12/18, 1/22*
1/11 1/24
2/1 2/19
2/8 2/14
3/1 3/19
3/1 3/8
4/1 4/10
4/5 TBD
5/10 6/4
4/26 TBD
5/10 6/4
5/17 TBD
7/1 8/13**

*Spring 2019 course changes will require a Memo of Responsibility.

**Only reviewing course changes that do not require a syllabus and course drops.

Committee membership 2018-2019



Aquatic and Fishery Sciences Luke Tornabene
Atmospheric Sciences Greg Hakim
Earth and Space Sciences David Schmidt
Environmental and Forest Sciences Clare Ryan
Friday Harbor Laboratories Megan Dethier
Marine and Environmental Affairs Nives Dolšak (Chair)
Marine Biology Kerry Naish
Oceanography Mikelle Nuwer
Program on the Environment Kristi Straus
Graduate Student Representative Kristin Privitera-Johnson
Undergraduate Student Representative Nicholas Hanson
Director of Student and Academic Services (ex officio) Michelle Hall
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (ex officio) Julia Parrish

Curriculum contacts in units


Faculty Contact or Curriculum Committee Chair

Staff Contact

Graduate Program Coordinator

Aquatic and Fishery Sciences Luke Tornabene Samantha Scherer Tim Essington
Atmospheric Sciences Becky Alexander (Undergraduate Curriculum), Qiang Fu (Graduate Curriculum) Erica Coleman Joel Thornton
Earth and Space Sciences David Schmidt (Curriculum Committee Chair), Gerard Roe (Undergraduate Curriculum) Meghan Oxley David Catling
Environmental and Forest Sciences Clare Ryan (Curriculum Committee Chair), Rick Gustafson (BSE Curriculum) Michelle Trudeau Patrick Tobin
Marine and Environmental Affairs Nives Dolšak Tiffany Dion Nives Dolšak
Marine Biology Kerry Naish Joe Kobayashi NA
Oceanography Mikelle Nuwer (Undergraduate Curriculum), Mark Warner (Graduate Curriculum) Michelle Townsend Mark Warner
Quantitative Ecology & Resource Management Tim Essington Erica Owens Tim Essington
Program on the Environment Kristi Straus  Ana Wieman N/A


Dean's Office Contact: