Form I-9

All new and returning employees are required to fill out a Form I-9.  Section 1 of the form is to be completed by the employee; all other sections are completed and submitted by your unit’s Payroll Coordinator.  More information regarding the Form I-9 is listed in the university’s I-9 Policy.

Form W-4

This form allows your employer to withhold the correct federal income tax from your pay.  Consider updating a new Form W-4 each year and/or when your personal or financial situation changes.
To complete the W-4 form online (recommended), follow these instructions, and log into Employee Self Service.
To complete and print a hard copy version:  IRS Form W-4

Direct Deposit

Your paycheck is electronically deposited to your checking or savings account.  This process has been mandated to higher education institutions, in lieu of receiving paper checks.
To sign up for direct deposit, log into Employee Self Service.

New Employee Orientation

The university’s orientation is divided into two parts: New Employee Orientation and Benefits Orientation. You may attend the sessions in either order, but we strongly encourage you to attend Benefits Orientation during the first month of employment so you do not miss important enrollment deadlines.


For Classified Staff:

For Professional Staff:

Benefits & Work/Life Balance

As a University of Washington employee, you will receive a benefits package that provides excellent insurance coverage and retirement plan options. The decisions you make at the time of benefits enrollment will affect your insurance coverage and retirement plan participation. Therefore, it is important that you understand your enrollment options and complete the enrollment process within 31 days of your “benefits eligibility date” (normally the date you are placed on the UW payroll). Professionals are available to all university faculty, staff, and students to provide you with information about insurance, retirement, savings, and wellness programs.

Parking, Bus Passes, and U-PASS

The University of Washington’s Commuter Services group assists you in getting to campus, no matter what mode of travel you choose.


The University’s ProCard program is designed to reduce the use of petty cash funds, small dollar purchasing and eliminate the use of personal funds. The ProCard is a Visa purchasing card available for faculty and staff, provided they are permitted to receive one by their department administrator who has the necessary delegated authority. An application and training are necessary to obtain a ProCard.


Travel at the University of Washington is coordinated through the Travel Office. Their policies and procedures ensure compliance with state law. When spending personal funds on travel, reimbursements are through the travel office.

Employee ID (Husky Card)

The Husky Card is the official identification card for members of the UW community and is available to students, faculty and permanent staff. Obtaining a Husky Card gives you access to a variety of services. Employees obtaining a UW ID card will need their UW employee ID number and their U.S. state- or federally-issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license or passport). The ID system is not updated in real time and requires a nightly feed from the employee payroll system. Once you are entered into the payroll system, it will take at least 24 hours for the system to send the update to the ID card database.

Telework and Flexwork

Flexwork (a schedule other than the traditional 5 consecutive 8 hour day workweek) and Telework (telecommuting) options are not an entitlement, however the UW supports their development for professional and classified staff when a manager determines that such an arrangement meets your needs and those of the department. Adoption requires the supervisor’s and/or unit administrator’s advance approval, and is based on their determination that the arrangement will work for all concerned.

Conviction/Criminal History Background Checks

The offer of employment to the finalist candidate for employment in any position in the College of the Environment must be made contingent upon obtaining a satisfactory criminal conviction history background check.

Additional Administrative Forms

Food Approval

The food approval form must be completed and approved prior to the event.  See the policy and applicability guidance matrix for specific details on which budgets require this form.

Volunteer Workers Policy & Form

The purpose of the Volunteer Workers Policy and Procedures is to provide overall guidance and direction to managers, staff, and volunteers. It is also to remind units of their legal responsibilities when engaging volunteers. This will assist units to comply with Federal and State regulations and UW policies while protecting the interest of volunteers, the unit, and the University. Filling out of the College Volunteer Service Agreement is only required if the unit or program recruiting volunteers does not have its own policy and form that meet or exceed the standards detailed herein.

Mobile Device Allowance Agreement

This agreement should be kept on file in each department, and applies when a supervisor determines that an employee holds a position which requires that the employee be regularly available to respond to business-related communication via phone, email, text, etc. and should be reimbursed.

UW Employee Separation Checklist

When separating from the UW, employees are expected to complete the tasks on this checklist.

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