If you want to discover how our world works, you belong at the College of the Environment.

Students on the Barnes
The classroom takes many forms at the College of the Environment!

Our students set the pace at the College of the Environment, playing a meaningful role in hands-on research, applied science, and discovery. Through collaboration and an open mind to the challenges ahead, UW Environment’s students drive significant changes to the way the world understands environmental issues and the ways they’re addressed.

More than 1,500 undergraduate and graduate students call UW Environment home—as diverse as the environmental complexities they explore, the College’s students are aspiring marine biologists, climate scientists, and the next generation of conservation and management leaders. Students come to the College to:

  • Collaborate with influential leaders in their fields
  • Push the boundaries of their disciplines
  • Practice and develop their skill sets in the natural world
  • Launch careers that will impact their communities and the world

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Michelle Hall

Michelle Hall

Director of Student and Academic Services


Barbara Owens

Barbara Owens

Undergraduate Student Services Specialist & Pre-Major Adviser


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Graduate Student Services Specialist