There are six main components to the General Education Requirements at the UW:

  • English Composition (C)
  • Additional Writing (W)
  • Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning (Q/SR)
  • Foreign Language
  • Areas of Knowledge (AoK)
  • Diversity (DIV)

The Areas of Knowledge are made up of:

  • Visual, Literary and Performing Arts (VLPA)
  • Individuals and Societies (I&S)
  • Natural World (NW)

The College of the Environment has established general education requirements for all of its majors (see below). To finish their degrees, students complete their major requirements and the general education requirements, which expose them to a broad range of fields and areas of study within the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, applied sciences and technology. These requirements are also intended to introduce students to the major social, historical, cultural and intellectual forces that shape the contemporary world.

Students are encouraged to work directly with the academic advisers in the college and are also welcome to contact the College with questions related to the degree requirements.

General Education Requirements
English composition (C) – minimum 2.0 grade required 5 credits
Quantitative/symbolic reasoning (QSR) 10 credits
Additional writing courses (W) 10 credits
Diversity (DIV)* 3 credits
Areas of Knowledge:
Natural World (NW) 20 credits (10 credits out of major**)
Individuals & Societies (I&S) 20 credits (10 credits out of major**)
Visual, Literary, & Performing Arts (VLPA) 10 credits
Additional Areas of Knowledge 10 credits
Total for General Education = 85 credits

Please note that the College of the Environment does not have a foreign language requirement.

*DIV may overlap with with other Area of Knowledge requirements.

**Definition of “out of major”: Courses must have an out-of-major prefix and may not overlap with courses required for the major. This includes cross-listed courses.