Care to kickstart a key study of coal trains? Monitor seabird health on the outer coast? There are plenty of ways that students, staff and the public can get involved.

UW Ocean Sciences Building and LabsFund research

If you are interested in funding research, contact our Advancement team! They can help you decide which project(s) are right for you. You can also visit the UW Foundation and search our College funds to learn about the many ways you can support students and research.

Crowdfunding projects in the College of the Environment are a new and fun way to donate towards specific research projects. As a backer, you become an interactive stakeholder in their results and investigation. There are almost always crowdfunding projects accepting donors. You can learn more about what crowdfunding at the university on the UW Today website.

Citizen science

Citizen science is also known as crowdsourced or networked science. It allows members of the public — even those without a background in science — to get involved in distributed observation. The quantity of data and the passion of our volunteers makes citizen science a viable option for scientific data collection. Some of the largest citizen science projects in the nation are hosted at the University of Washington. You can learn more about them and join the projects at their lab pages.

Washington Sea Grant


Rare plants


Other opportunities

At the College of the Environment, there are often ways to get involved beyond research while still supporting the College and our community. As opportunities become available, they will be posted here so you can find opportunities that are the right fit for your time and interests.