Diversifying Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) is not only about securing the future of American economy, it is also about reflecting and transforming historical inequities that tear apart the social fabric; it is about accepting differences, embracing social justice principles, and creating new opportunities of engagement. At the College of the Environment, we promote the creation of spaces were students, faculty, and staff can engage with different communities through diverse forms of outreach and engagement.

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Several of our units and centers have programs focused on STEM outreach and education:

In addition, UW has diverse programs and resources to support K-12 STEM education, incuding:

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STEM Outreach Network

This is as a community of students, staff, faculty, and postdocs, interested in expanding opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to broader audiences, through outreach and public engagement. The STEM Outreach Network nurtures active collaboration between UW members and surrounding communities, organizations, and institutions involved in science outreach/education to work together and develop stronger partnerships.

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For UW groups and individuals participating in outreach activities with youth

Administrative Policy Statement 10.13 Requirements for University and Third Party Led Youth Programs protects the well-being of youth (i.e., individuals under age 18) involved in UW programs, activities, events, and research, and safeguards them against harm. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect youth from harm. Those who have interactions with youth as part of their UW duties must follow the specific requirements below.

Make sure you comply with all the indicated requirements.