The UW College of the Environment actively partners with members of the communities across the Puget Sound area and the state of Washington to support diversity and inclusion. The following resources have been selected to inform, bring awareness and promote mindful forms of engagement. Consider that the views, opinions, and conclusions expressed in the following external resources are those of the author(s) or organization(s) and not necessarily those of the University of Washington.


During the year, we coordinate with partners across campus and external facilitators to provide training and skill development opportunities in themes regarding equity and inclusion. In addition, we have put together a collection of resources:

The Future of STEM Depends on Diversity
Who: Nicole Cabrera Salazar
Description: The United States is becoming more and more diverse, but there is still a long way to go to diversify the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Scientist Nicole Cabrera Salazar shares her perspective on diversity in STEM and the reasons we should be actively engaged underrepresented groups in STEM disciplines.

How Diversity and Inclusion Will Drive the Future of the Workplace
Who: Panel from Inspirefest 2016
Description: At Inspirefest 2016, Inspirefest founder and Silicon Republic CEO Ann O’Dea chairs a panel on diversity and the future of work. Accenture CHRO Ellyn Shook, Dropbox global head of diversity Judith Williams, Sodexo Ireland president Margot Slattery and Fidelity International head of technology Stuart Warner joined O’Dea on the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre stage.

Inclusion, Exclusion, Illusion, and Collusion
Who: Helen Turnbull
Description: CEO of Human Facets, Helen has a 25+ year successful track record in the field of Global Inclusion. She is an internationally recognized Thought Leader on Unconscious Bias, global inclusion and diversity. As creator of “Cognizant” — Unconscious Bias assessment tool and the “ISM Profile” for measuring Inclusion Skills gaps, her work has contributed to clients winning the Catalyst Award for Gender improvements. Helen is passionate about Inclusion work and relaxes by watching and playing golf.

Cracking the Codes
Who: World Trust
Description: This documentary focuses on different dimensions of racial injustice, including bias and privilege, and it’s a great tool to get a conversation started. The World Trust site also has a conversation guide that you can download.

AORTA (Anti-oppression Resource & Training Alliance)

Description: AORTA is a worker-owned cooperative promoting social justice through education, training, and planning. They use an intersectional approach to liberation based on theory of change. They have a section with multiple resources that cover topics such as oppression, racial justice, queer liberation, and more.


In addition, we have curated a series of resources to promote awareness and deepen understanding regarding the following areas:

Affirmative action


Diversity in Environmental Organizations

Environmental justice in Washington State



Inclusive Excellence


Safeguarding against unconscious bias

Science and engineering

Social justice in Washington State

Undocumented students