Watch the 2023 Doug Walker Lecture – Building Resilience: Future-forward solutions for nature, health and the urban environment, with Dr. Heather Tallis

On Wednesday, October 25, 2023, the College community came together at Town Hall for the 2023 Doug Walker Lecture with Dr. Heather Tallis, environmental scientist and professor. Explore how weaving nature more deliberately into the fabric of our urban communities can improve our quality of life. From urban parks to sustainable infrastructure, integrating nature into our cities makes us healthier, happier, smarter and safer.

About the lecture series

The annual Doug Walker Lecture is named for Doug Walker, who was instrumental to the founding of the College of the Environment in 2009 as a co-chair of the Advisory Board and passionate advocate for the environment. Doug passed away tragically in 2016. In order to carry on and amplify Doug’s passion for outdoor recreation and his unending desire for learning, the College of the Environment hosts this annual lecture on health and nature.

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