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Frequently asked questions for future graduate students.
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Graduate students are trained to conduct research, write in their field on their own and create original work. You will learn how to do research and the tools available to you, what is known or unknowable in your fields, how to make an effective argument, how to teach your discipline, how to manage your workload, and how to think like other academics in your field.


The College of the Environment is a central organization that oversees seven graduate departments with specialties in natural resources, geosciences and policy. In each of these areas of research, you will find that each department has their own unique perspectives on their approach to graduate students and graduate education that depends on their needs as a unit. In preparing your application for admission to a College of the Environment department, see below for links the department of your interest to find out more about how to prepare your application for graduate school:

Apply to UW Graduate School

Be aware that each unit of the College of the Environment has separate admissions deadline dates. Be sure to find out what that date is and apply!

Check out the UW Graduate School’s Admission page, where you will find information about the application process, application fee waivers and the UW online application.

New Graduate Student Orientation

The New Graduate Student Orientation is a special event that brings together new graduate students from each of the units in the College of the Environment for an opportunity to meet with colleagues from across the campus and the College. This Orientation, held before the beginning of the academic year, provides content that is independent from information received at a unit meeting. Aside from meeting campus and College partners, a panel discussion is provided featuring upper-level graduate students discussing a wide range of topics.

Be sure to check out U501: the UW Graduate School Orientation
University 501 (U501) is a self-guided, online resource designed for graduate and professional students at all three campuses and is intended to help prepare you for your arrival to and start at the University of Washington.

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