EarthLab reimagines the world as it could be, while impacting the world as it is. Equal parts research engine and community catalyst, EarthLab harnesses the power of co-created solutions to our most imminent environmental challenges.

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We focus on:

  • Building climate security and resilience: reducing climate risk through informed societal decision-making and contextual understanding of human health, smart cities and healthy ecosystems.
  • Protecting ocean health: addressing ocean acidification and sustainable fisheries through a local and global network to understand and protect our ever-changing oceans, estuaries and coastal habitats.
  • Planning wisely for natural hazards: building community resilience through interdisciplinary partnership, as well as regional and national collaborations, for effective warning system development and deployment.
  • Sustaining healthy ecosystems: expanding capacity to tackle emerging conservation challenges through creative strategies that foster sustainability.

How we do this:

  • A focused, human approach: EarthLab is focused where society’s needs are greatest and true impact can be made on people’s lives and livelihoods.
  • Designed for action: EarthLab is purpose-built, bringing the best talent and right resources to act with unprecedented urgency.
  • Co-create solutions: EarthLab engages external stakeholders in open dialogue to create meaningful science-based solutions.
  • Intellectual resources of UW: EarthLab unlocks the University’s proven science and broad expertise to address today’s wicked problems.

Learn more about how we work on the EarthLab website.