The College of the Environment has eight undergraduate majors and ten minors. You can learn more about these academic programs by exploring their websites and connecting with departmental academic advisers- expand the boxes below for links and contact details.

Graphic showing different majors in the collegeWhether you already know your path, or need the time to explore, that’s okay! Unlike other science majors at the UW, you can declare a major* in the College of the Environment at any time, starting on your first day of freshman year. If you aren’t sure where to start or would like help exploring our majors, please contact our Academic Affairs team at

*BSE is a capacity constrained major and students must apply to the major.
*ATMS is a minimum requirements major and students must complete those requirements before declaring the major.

Expand the boxes below to see contact information for each department and the academic advisers.

In addition to information about the requirements for our various degrees, you can also check out the College of the Environment’s General Education requirements which give you the foundational skills for your degree.