UW Environment supports funding for student-organized meetings attended by UW Environment students.

Submission process

Proposals during the 2022-2023 academic year are reviewed by the Scholarship Committee with the following submission deadlines.

Student-organized meeting should be completed within six months of the date of the award. Awards will not be granted retroactively for conferences that have already been completed, so please plan accordingly.

2022-23 submission deadlines

  • Autumn 2022: Friday, October 28
  • Winter 2023: Friday, January 27
  • Spring 2023: Friday, March 31
  • Summer 2023: Friday, June 30


The College supports a range of student organizations that host meetings attended by UW Environment students where the central goals of the meeting include linking science (natural and/or social) to policy or real world application and/or interdisciplinary attendance with meeting organization, attendance, and presentations by students from multiple units within the College.


The College will competitively award grants to student organizations for partial funding of interdisciplinary, student-run meetings at which UW Environment students are centrally involved in meeting organization and are also presenting original work (including co-authored work where the student is first author).


Maximum of $2,000 or 50% of total expenditures, whichever is smaller; one per organization annually; maximum of four awards given out annually.

To Apply

  • Complete the online student organized meeting funding application
  • Submit the a detailed budget proposal using the Student Organized Meeting Budget Template to coenvaa@uw.edu
    • Budget guidelines
      • The strongest applications will show requested or approved support from several sources (with can include registration fees). If you are only requesting funding from the College, please state the reasons why you have not applied elsewhere.
      • UW Environment will not provide support for
        • alcohol
        • non-student (including keynote or plenary speaker) attendance
        • conference-organizing contractors
        • within-unit annual student symposia
        • individual travel
      • If you are requesting funding for catering or food, expenditures must be within per diem and a list of all attendees must be provided with receipts.
      • Name the file using the format “MEETING NAME Budget Proposal” and email to coenvaa@uw.edu

Meeting Synopsis

Within one month of the meeting, a brief report documenting total expenditures, total attendance, a list of all event attendees, with UW Environment students highlighted and a list of any UW Environment student winning presentation awards, must be submitted. Organizations failing to submit reports will not be funded in the future.

Application review process

All complete applications will be reviewed by the College of the Environment Student Scholarship and Funding Committee, comprised of faculty and staff who are advisory to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. The Committee will submit recommendations, together with a brief explanation, to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, who will make the final funding decisions. Because of the continuing nature of this funding cycle, the Associate Dean reserves the right to sub-select from highly ranked applications in any single quarter, to balance out awards annually.

The Committee will score student-organized meeting applications as follows:

  • Interdisciplinarity (25%)
  • Number and academic diversity of anticipated UW Environment attendees (20%)
  • UW Environment students centrally involved in meeting organization and planning (15%)
  • Linkage of science to policy and/or real world application (10%)
  • Statement of how meeting will help further student careers (10%)
  • Budget and need (10%)
  • Diversity and security of additional funding sources (10%)

Questions? Contact the Student Services team at coenvaa@uw.edu.