Joining a student group or club is a great way to explore your interest in the College of the Environment and get connected with student communities. Whether you want to work on a hands-on volunteer project or just want to meet other students, get started by attending a meeting or contacting a club officer. Explore the websites linked below and use the email address provided to  inquire about events and activities for the groups you are interested in.

The UW Farm - Weekly Lunch Talk Session at GreenhouseStudent groups and Organizations

Aquatic and Fishery Sciences

Atmospheric Sciences

  • American Meteorological Society – promotes the education of atmospheric sciences and provides an environment where students interested in atmospheric sciences can share experiences through social, volunteer and professional activities.

  • Grad students in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences have maintained a volunteer outreach program since 1989. They frequently judge science fairs, host classes on campus and visit schools to do demonstrations.

Earth and Space Sciences

  • Geo Club – encourages academic and professional interest in geology and all related disciplines by helping students to make connections and find opportunities outside the classroom.
  • “Rock”ing Out – introduces youth to science in an energetic and entertaining way through hands-on activities in the classroom led by Earth and Space Sciences students.

Environmental and Forest Sciences

  • Forest Club – promotes camaraderie between students, faculty and alumni of the School of Forest Resources by organizing social and academic events.
  • Xi Sigma Pi Forestry Honor Society – promotes a high standard of scholarship in forestry education, works for the improvement of the forestry profession and promotes a fraternal spirit among those engaged in activities related to the forest.

Marine Biology

  • Sea Dawgs – Builds a community of students who are passionate about marine science through social events, volunteer work, academic seminars/research and other projects.

Marine and Environmental Affairs

  • Student Environmental Affairs Society (SEAS) – brings together private sector, academic and government professionals, and students dedicated to actively addressing emerging coastal issues by hosting professional networking events, participating in service projects, and fostering dialogue.


Program on the Environment

Program on Climate Change

  • When the Program on Climate Change began in 2001, one of its goals was to create a strong community of graduate students, staff, and faculty engaged in interdisciplinary climate research and education. Involved students may be working on their climate minor or graduate certificate, but also often fill requests to speak at K-12 schools, community colleges, rotary clubs, and provide expertise at conferences and panel discussions.

Other environmentally-related student clubs and opportunities

  • SEED – Students Expressing Environmental Dedication’s mission is to promote environmentally sound practices in the residential communities and dining facilities among staff, residents, and administration, along with raising awareness about environmental issues that affect students on both local and global scales. 
  • UW Farm – provides a campus center for the practice and study of urban agriculture and sustainability; an educational, community-oriented resource for people who want to learn about building productive and sustainable urban landscapes.
  • UWild Adventures – an outdoor recreation and education program providing support for UW students to engage in all the Pacific Northwest has to offer. UWild Adventures hosts instructional classes and outdoor trips, provides discounted equipment rental for recreational or academic use, and creates opportunities for students to build community in the co-curricular environment.
  • WashPIRG UW Chapter – Washington Public Interest Research Group is an independent state-based, nonpartisan, nonprofit, student organization that works to solve public interest problems related to the environment, consumer protection, and government reform. 

Student Groups Supporting Underrepresented Students in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

For information on non-environmentally related student groups, see the RSO Directory.