UW Ocean Sciences Building and LabsThe University of Washington (UW) is proud to be one of the nation’s premier educational and research institutions. Our people are the most important asset in our pursuit of achieving excellence in education, research and community service. Our staff not only enjoys outstanding benefits and professional growth opportunities, but also an environment noted for diversity, community involvement, intellectual excitement, artistic pursuits and natural beauty. The University of Washington is located in the greater Seattle metropolitan area, with a dynamic, multicultural community of 3.7 million people and a diversity of ecosystems from mountains to ocean.

Established in 2008, the College of the Environment is one of the premier environmental and policy colleges in the United States and the world and is an unparalleled hub of environmental scholarship, innovation and education. By connecting world leading educators and researchers with undergraduate and graduate students, practitioners and members of the public, the College cultivates communities who work with and learn from each other as they tackle the environmental challenges of the 21st century. The College’s unique strength is the combination of outstanding faculty studying the Earth’s atmosphere, land and water systems with those studying human dimensions of the environment, the application of engineering and technological solutions to environmental problems and the impact of policy on environmental change. Over 600 faculty, research and administrative staff work in the College of the Environment.

Openings across the College and University

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