Students who have been dropped for low scholarship and wish to petition for reinstatement must first meet with their academic adviser to begin the process. Students who plan to petition for reinstatement for the next quarter will need to assemble the petition quickly before the new quarter begins.

Low Scholarship Warning, Probation, and Reinstatement Process

UW Environment Reinstatement Process diagram

Process for Petitioning for Reinstatement

Reinstatement is not automatic upon request. The adviser will work with the student to assemble the Reinstatement Petition Packet. After the College of the Environment Reinstatement Petition packet is complete with all required signatures, the adviser will submit the packet to the College of the Environment Dean’s Office:
College of the Environment

Director of Student and Academic Services
Ocean Sciences Building, Room 212

A complete Reinstatement Petition packet includes the following. No petition will be considered until it is complete:

Item Written By Submitted By
College of the Environment Reinstatement Petition Form Student & Adviser Adviser
Student Statement Student Adviser
Academic Plan Student & Adviser Adviser
Transcripts NA Adviser
Statement from the Chair or Director (or Faculty Designee) Chair/Director (or Faculty Designee Adviser or directly from Chair/Director via email
  • College of the Environment Reinstatement Petition Form
  • Student Statement (typed, not handwritten) briefly explaining specific strategies the student will take to raise their GPA above required minimums. The student should reflect on the causes that led to academic difficulties and be sure to link the plan for academic improvement to concrete strategies and to a specific academic plan.
  • Academic Plan (developed with academic adviser input) showing quarterly course plan. This can be a copy of the student’s MyPlan course plan or in any typed format (not handwritten). The student must consult with their Academic Adviser before deviating from this Academic Plan. Students who deviate from the Academic Plan submitted during the reinstatement process will not be considered for reinstatement if they are dropped for low scholarship again in a subsequent quarter.
  • Unofficial UW transcripts and copy of transcripts from any coursework taken elsewhere since the student was dropped from the UW.
  • Statement from the Chair or Director (or Faculty Designee) of the student’s department/school concurring (or not) with the academic plan (developed with academic adviser input). This is the Chair/Director/Faculty Designee’s opportunity to offer reasoning in support of the student plan and the ability of the student to successfully achieve the plan, and to note any reservations about the details of the plan. The Chair/Director/Faculty Designee may submit this statement in hard copy with the reinstatement packet or via email to
  • Returning Student Re-Enrollment Application: If the student did not complete either of the two quarters immediately preceding (not including summer) the quarter in which she/he wishes to be reinstated, the student must also file a Returning Student Re-enrollment Application by the application closing date. A student who is petitioning for reinstatement may file an application before reinstatement is approved, and should do so if the application deadline is approaching. There is a non-refundable application fee.

Any documentation provided will be available only to the Student, the Adviser, the Chair or Director (or designee) of the student’s unit, the Director of Student and Academic Services, and the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. The reinstatement packet will be kept confidential, but will remain on file for 6 years after the student’s graduation date.

Administrative and Financial Issues that May Affect Your Re-Enrollment and Your Reinstatement

Reinstatement may be only one step you need to complete to be able to re-enroll and register for classes. Following are some steps that may pertain to your situation. Please discuss these with your adviser.

  • Complete the Returning Student Reenrollment Process, if applicable.
  • Send official transcripts from all other institutions attended since you were last here.
  • Take care of Incomplete removals, X grades, and grade changes.
  • Work with the Financial Aid Office to ensure appropriate funding upon return.
  • Clear outstanding financial obligations to the UW.
  • Submit Former Quarter Drop Petition, if relevant.
  • Update your address and contact information with the Office of the University Registrar.
  • Talk with your ISS Counselor at UW and clarify any visa issues.


EARLY SUBMISSION IS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. You can submit a petition at any time, but due to administrative and registration deadlines for each quarter, there are limits for the last possible time to have you reinstatement considered for each academic term.

Deadlines for Returning Student Applications may be earlier than Reinstatement; please check those submission deadlines.

Note that the Registrar’s Office will automatically drop all courses on the schedule of a student dropped for low scholarship within the first week of classes.  Petitions submitted after the following deadlines will be considered, without guarantee that those approved by the College of the Environment will prevent the Registrar from proceeding with the drop.  In that eventuality, a student’s schedule can be rebuilt with the help of the unit adviser, without guarantee that all courses can be recovered.

  • Low scholarship drop occurs prior to Autumn quarter (petitioning to be reinstated starting Autumn quarter) – deadline for complete petition submission is September 1.
  • Low scholarship drop occurs prior to Winter, Spring or Summer quarters – deadline for completed petition submission is the 1st day of the quarter in which the student wishes to be reinstated.

Petition Review Process

Reinstatement Petitions will be reviewed by the College of the Environment Director of Student and Academic Services and the College of the Environment Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and must be signed by the Chair or Director (or designee) of the student’s major department before submission.

Students will be notified of the reinstatement decision within one week of submission of the petition.


If the student wishes to appeal, she/he must submit a written appeal addressed to the college’s Associate Dean of Academic Affairs within 10 business days after the date of the reinstatement decision letter.  The appeal should clearly state any new facts that justify reconsideration and include supporting documentation.  The Dean’s Office will respond with a decision within 15 working days after the appeal is received.


Following reinstatement, the student will be on probation. While on probation, the student must achieve either a 2.0 or higher grade point average during the reinstatement quarter or raise the overall cumulative grade point average to 2.0 to remain in school. For more on this, see I’m on Warning or Probation.

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