University property and equipment is not automatically insured, so all College of the Environment units and PIs are encouraged to insure their equipment through the university’s UW Equipment Insurance program. This optional program is administered by UW Compliance and Risk Services and provides coverage to University PIs and departments for owned, leased or borrowed equipment used for UW work.

Deductible cost-share incentive

To incentivize the purchase of equipment insurance, the Dean’s Office will cover 50% of the deductible for any losses and damages to equipment covered by the UW Equipment Insurance program. Losses and damages to equipment not covered by UW Equipment Insurance are the responsibility of the PI and their unit. For reimbursement from the Dean’s Office, please submit 1) a copy of your completed Claim’s Form, and 2) a copy of the email from the Equipment Insurance program confirming coverage and reimbursement to Jessica Murphy (

Coverage eligibility

Most of the property and equipment managed by College of the Environment PIs and departments is eligible for coverage (including items valued under $5K, such as laptops and computers). There are, however, some exclusions and special requirements (e.g., equipment valued over $500K, Marine and Transit Exposures). UW Compliance and Risk Services can provide assistance and options for higher value and non-standard equipment.


A rate calculator can be found on the UW Equipment Insurance program to help you project your potential costs. The annual rate is applied to the value of the equipment. Use purchase price for new equipment. For equipment that is not new, use cost to replace with like or most like equipment available. Shipping and applicable taxes should be included.

The Equipment Insurance Policy renews annually on November 1, but you can purchase Equipment Insurance for items at any time throughout the policy year. If you add them in any month other than November, your premium will be pro-rated for the months left in the policy year.

Allowability of insurance expenses on grants and contracts

For federal awards, costs of insurance required or approved, and maintained, pursuant to the sponsored agreement, are allowable. Some non-federal funders will also cover insurance for equipment purchased with their grant and contract funds. Please consult with your program managers if you have questions and consider adding equipment insurance into your proposal budgets when appropriate.

More information can be found on the UW Equipment Insurance website or by contacting them at, and we strongly encourage you to explore your options.