To explicitly state the College of the Environment’s process of requesting waivers of GIM 19: Internal Deadlines for Proposals to Outside Agencies.


GIM 19 is the UW Office of Sponsored Program’s (OSP) statement of policy regarding internal deadlines for grant and contract proposals to outside agencies.


All PIs should make the best possible effort to submit grant and contract proposals on-time, according to OSP’s deadlines as outlined in GIM 19. While OSP does permit waivers to the deadlines, waivers are only granted to exceptional cases, specifically when any of the following conditions are met:

  • Official university closure (e.g. inclement weather)
  • PI or Co-PI serious illness, injury, or death of a key personnel
  • Documented notification of the funding opportunity was made less than two weeks prior to the deadline
  • Sponsor complications or sponsor system technical issues experiences prior to the GIM 19 deadline, with documented support

All requests to OSP for GIM 19 waivers must be received from the Dean’s Office (via Shuyi Chen or Stephanie Harrington). Requests to OSP directly from unit heads or faculty will be returned by OSP without consideration. Requests of the Dean’s Office to forward a waiver request must come from the unit head and include an endorsement of the request. Waiver requests must be received a reasonable amount of time in advance of the GIM 19 deadline. Only under exceptional circumstances will OSP consider requests received the day of the GIM 19 deadline.


When a PI foresees the possibility of a complicated or delayed proposal submission for any reason, the PI should contact the Dean’s office as soon as the possibility arises.  The PI, their unit head, and the Dean’s office will collectively determine whether or not a GIM 19 waiver request needs to be submitted, based upon the acceptable reasons for a waiver as outlined above.

Should the determination be made that a waiver request is required, the PI will draft a request that includes the rationale for requesting the waiver and send the request on to their unit head. The unit head will then add an endorsement of the waiver request and send it on to the Dean’s Office (specifically to Shuyi Chen or Stephanie Harrington). The Dean’s office will then send the request on to OSP for consideration.

Effective Date:  February 17, 2015
Last Review Date:  March 30, 2016

Dean's Office Contact: