FY15: Project 4% annually for all positions except standard rate GSSAs.Exception is salaries for Standard-rate GSSAs (non-variable rate). Please refer to GSSA salaries chart below. Starting FY16: Project 2% annually. This is a suggested projection. Follow all sponsor restrictions that may apply.

Please note guidance from the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP).

Budget Increases
Often, proposals need to be submitted with multi-year budgets. OSP’s guidance to PIs and departments is to use the current NIH Fiscal Policy for Grant Awards to determine an appropriate inflation and apply it to both salaries and other recurring costs. It is standard to use a 2% rate for federal awards unless a sponsor provides an alternate rate within a policy statement, program announcement or other guidelines for the program. If there is reason to expect a promotion, larger salary increase or other impact that would provide a reason to use a higher rate, and the sponsor does not cap the rate, please provide a justification for use of a higher rate.