Effective date: July 8, 2016


In accordance with Executive Order No. 20, assess the recent accomplishments of the chair or director in light of the past and current performance of the unit and evaluate their future goals in light of the strategic vision of the unit and the College.


Review shall take place in the Fall quarter of the final year of the term of the chair or director. (Or the equivalent quarter for terms scheduled to end during an academic year.)

Review Committee

The Review Committee shall be constituted by the Dean and shall be comprised of two faculty members external to the unit but familiar with the scope and work of the unit; one faculty member from within the unit; and one administrator from the College of the Environment but external to the unit.

Scope of review

By the first week of the review quarter, the Chair/Director shall provide the Review Committee with a short (< = 12 pages) written statement outlining major accomplishments in their most recent term, with specific attention to the review criteria. In addition, the Chair/Director will articulate their assessment of the future trajectory of the unit, including new or ongoing challenges and opportunities. A highly readable bulleted narrative is preferred. The Chair/Director shall also provide the committee with the most recent unit review and the strategic plan of the unit. The Review Committee should first consult with the incumbent on their views of past policies, practices and performance as well as their projections of future goals for both the unit and the incumbent; and, where applicable, they should examine past accomplishments and future goals concerning the quality of graduate and undergraduate education within the unit. The Committee shall meet with the Chair/Director to discuss their written statement at the start of the review process. During the review, the Committee shall solicit written and verbal commentary from all concerned constituencies, including but not limited to: faculty, students and staff; other relevant college and university leaders and administrators; and relevant stakeholders from outside of the University. The Committee shall submit a written report of findings to the Dean by the 10th week of the review quarter.

Review criteria


  • Developing goals and strategic plans and ensuring their implementation.
  • Making difficult decisions to accomplish goals.

Citizenship and Community

  • Collaborating with other units to further college and university goals.
  • Taking a college and university perspective, helping to meet college and university goals, contributing to the activities of the college and the university.

Human Resource Management

  • Working effectively with faculty, students and staff within the unit.
  • Supporting the professional development of members of the unit.


  • Communicating information and decisions to members of the unit.
  • Fostering effective shared governance.

Responding to Work Demands

  • Responding appropriately to demands from above and below.
  • Responding appropriately to changes or crises.

Budgeting and Use of Resources

  • Making budget decisions consistent with the unit’s goals.
  • Maintaining fiscal responsibility and developing strategies for promoting greater efficiency.

Review Feedback

The Dean shall give the chair or director the opportunity to prepare a response to the Review Committee report. The Dean shall prepare an evaluative report, giving consideration to the internal committee’s report and the chair’s or director’s response. The Dean’s evaluative report shall indicate present strengths and weaknesses and shall endorse specific recommendations pertaining to reappointment of the chair or director or the initiation of a search for a new chair or director. The Dean shall then convene a meeting with the chair or director under review to discuss the report and the appropriateness of continuing the chair’s or director’s appointment for another term. The Dean shall also discuss the review results with the faculty of the unit.

Reappointment vs. search for new chair or director

If the chair or director wishes to serve a second term and the review is favorable, the chair or director can seek reappointment. Terms of reappointment shall be negotiated with the Dean. If the chair/director does not wish to serve a second term and/or the review is not favorable, the Dean shall meet with the Executive Committee or other faculty governing body within the unit to discuss a leadership plan for the unit, including searching for a new chair/director and whether the search should be internal to the unit, to the University, or external. During quarter following the review the Dean’s office shall launch the search for a new chair/director in conjunction with the unit. Expenses associated with searching for and recruiting a new chair/director shall be borne by the unit.

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