This brand narrative is a central element of the way we tell the College of the Environment story. You can use it to inform any writing you are doing about the College of the Environment as a whole.

To truly tap into our problem-solving potential, we must understand our earth in its totality and in each of its dimensions.

It’s a big job. One that demands a combination of discovery, leadership, and a far-reaching, impactful connection to the public. With collaboration, accessibility of information and, most of all, an open mind to the challenges ahead, the College of the Environment can create significant changes to the way the world understands environmental problems and the way those problems are solved.

Armed with courage and conviction, we have the audacity to delve deeper into the workings of our earth. Together, we can move the world forward.


In addition, we also want to ensure the way we tell our stories is:

  • Bold
  • Hopeful (try not to start with the problem)
  • Focused on the advantage of scale, rather than scale itself
  • Positions us as a model for change
  • Shares a sense of wonder
  • Underscores impacts we are making now