In general, the timeline and process for hiring new tenure-track, Without Tenure (WOT), Professor of Practice (POP), and Research faculty is as follows:

  • April

    Dean’s office distributes the hiring plan template and instructions to units.

  • May

    Units submit hiring plans for tenure-track, WOT, and POP hires to the Dean. (Provost approval is only required for these positions.)

  • July

    After reviewing requests and considering long-term goals and strategies, the Dean submits a final hiring plan for the College to the Vice Provost for Academic Personnel.

  • August

    The Vice Provost for Academic Personnel provides the Dean with an approved hiring plan, and units are notified to proceed with the search(es) for approved hire(s).

  • Autumn Quarter

    Search committees are convened in the units, advertisements are placed, and applications are received and reviewed by the search committees.

  • Winter Quarter

    Search committees continue to review applications, select top candidates, and conduct pre-interviews if desired to narrow the candidate pool.

  • Spring Quarter

    Finalists are brought to campus for in-person interviews and campus visits. Search committees provide input to the Chair/Director and other faculty in the unit. Voting faculty vote on the candidate(s). The Chair/Director works with the Dean’s office to formulate an offer, including start-up package, moving allowance (if any), or other requirements, and makes a formal offer to the selected candidate.

  • End of Spring Quarter into Summer Quarter

    Once an offer is accepted, administrators complete the hiring paperwork and submit to the Dean’s office for review and approval. Generally, packages are reviewed and forwarded to AHR within a few days of receipt. Once AHR has reviewed a hiring package, it is then sent to the UW Board of Regents for final review and approval. AHR publishes their due dates for materials that require Board of Regents approval, usually once/month. Once voted upon, the candidate then receives formal notification of their appointment to the faculty.

Other titles that require competitive searches, such as Lecturer Full-Time and Part-Time Competitive Search and Senior Lecturer Full-Time, do not have to be included in a unit’s hiring plan, so can be recruited at any point in the year.

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