To get the finalist to accept the offer, it needs to be a good one.

Remember that for those faculty positions that require a competitive recruitment, units must consult with the Dean’s office prior to extending an offer to a candidate. Each offer will be different based on the unit, job class, and the finalist, but in general, here are some suggestions:

Salary and start-up

  • Offer the fairest and highest salary possible, based on what is available from the College, is equitable with similar new hires, and is competitive.
  • Work with the Dean’s office to structure the best start-up package possible. The idea is to incentivize new faculty to quickly develop a well-funded research program at the UW, so it’s important to make it possible for them to do that within reason. Review the College’s Faculty Start-up Guidelines.
  • If possible, offer to pay moving expenses up to a certain amount for personal household and/or lab equipment. Read about relocation options at the UW.
  • Describe the office and/or lab space available and what equipment the unit might be willing to purchase for their lab, if applicable.
  • Mention the availability of CoEnv Graduate Research Opportunity Enhancement Program (GROE) and Royalty Research Funding.



  • If the candidate has a spouse or partner and is requesting Dual Career assistance for them, work with the Dean’s Office to accommodate that request so that it can be offered if possible.
  • Include a description of benefits in the offer letter or attach the benefits PDF as the last page.
  • Describe the College’s Family Friendly Tenure Policy for Assistant professors.
  • Remember to mention the Faculty Field Tour as a benefit to new faculty.

Help and approvals

  • Always work closely with and receive offer approval from the Dean’s office before extending an offer letter to a candidate.
  • Once an offer has been accepted in writing, make sure the hiring paperwork is submitted to the Dean’s office in a timely manner (within one month of the hire ideally). Remember that an appointment isn’t final until Academic HR has approved it and the Board of Regents has voted on the appointment.

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