For up-to-date information on the UW response to the COVID-19 outbreak, please visit the University of Washington Coronavirus website.

The following resources are intended to help graduate students manage their studies and research during the COVID-19 outbreak. None of the following information should be construed to contradict University policy or guidance.

Last updated 6/3/21


Student health, wellness and aid

Getting started with technology

These resources are tailored toward the unique opportunities and experiences of engaging in online learning.

Access to technology

  • UW Student Technology Loan Program: Get hardware on loan
  • Husky OnNet: UW VPN (Virtual Private Network) service recommended for while connecting to UW sites and online course instruction. This is the best way for international users to access UW online tools.

Access to internet/wifi

  • Free internet access
  • For students who have an internet provider: Review your provider’s website – many providers are offering unlimited data and other free services to existing customers. Many providers have signed on to the FCC Keep Americans Connected Pledge.
  • Tips for accessing the internet
    • Turn off video
    • If at all possible, plug directly into your cable modem with an ethernet cable.
    • Consider getting cable/DSL/fiber options with either Comcast or CenturyLink.
    • Be aware of how many people are using the internet in your household. The more people actively using the same internet connection will experience more problems.
    • For better performance, you may have to reboot your computer or internet router. Contact your internet service provider for specific instructions on how best to do this if you aren’t already familiar with this process.
    • For faster service, consult with your internet service provider for available upgrades on newer equipment and/or speeds, related costs and services may vary.