The appointment process for endowed faculty fellowships, professorships and chairs in the College of the Environment follows the annual timeline described below. New appointments should be awarded with a start date of July 1 and end on June 30; reappointments should end on June 30. Appointments done outside of this timeline should be effective after the date in which they are submitted in Workday and have an end date of June 30th.

February 1 Dean’s Office sends a vacant/expiring appointment report to each Academic Unit Chair with a request for nominations. Advancement Services can provide faculty stewardship letter history for reappointments when requested. The Dean’s Office will not approve reappointments for individuals who have not submitted their most recent impact report.
February-April 15 Units determine candidates and procure required documents for the appointment packet.
By April 15 Units submit appointment nomination documents to the Dean’s Office Human Resources at for review and concurrence.
By May 1 Units enter appointments and upload appointment packets, including signed offer letters with concurrence by the candidate(s), to Workday.
By May 15 Dean’s Office approves the appointments in Workday.
May 15 Environment Advancement Services sends out request to current faculty appointment holders to write their annual stewardship letter.
By June 15 Dean’s Office sends official appointment letters to faculty.
June 15 Faculty stewardship letters to Advancement are due.
June 15 Dean’s Office updates the shared appointment database for Environment’s Advancement Services.
July 1 Environment’s Advancement Services sends out letters to newly appointed faculty regarding stewardship best practices.
July 1 Environment’s Advancement Services sends out announcement letters to donors regarding appointed faculty.