Creating new undergraduate majors and minors is lengthy process that spans at least one academic year. Units interested in creating new undergraduate programs should notify the Academic Affairs team within the Dean’s Office as early as possible to coordinate the planning and approval process. New programs require a detailed proposal with justification and rationale for the new program, complete curriculum and any associated New Course Proposals, and the UW form 1503 “Creating and Changing Undergraduate Academic Programs”Detailed instructions on how to complete the 1503 form are also available.

Send signed originals of the required form and one copy of supporting materials to:

College of the Environment
Curriculum Committee
Box 355355

AND email electronic copies of the form and supporting materials to:

Please submit both signed originals and electronic versions by the College Curriculum Committee deadlines. After the proposal has been approved by the College Curriculum Committee, it is forwarded to the Subcommittee on Admissions and Programs (SCAP) for review, then to the Faculty Council on Academic Standards (FCAS) for review, and on to final steps in the approval process.

Dean's Office Contact: