These introductory courses offered through the College of the Environment are a great way to explore majors in the College or round-out your schedule with an engaging elective!

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Featured Course

Sustainable Choices

ENVIR 239 (3 or 5 credits, NW/I&S)
Instructor: Kristi Straus

Examine personal and global aspects of sustainability through issues such as smart growth, environmental and natural building, green businesses and energy, ecotourism, and international policy. Great course for students interested in making a impact on the environment.

Spring quarter 1-2 credit seminars

Exploring the Atmospheric Sciences

ATM S 220 (1 credit, NW)

Bioresource Science Seminar

BSE 150 (1 credit)
Instructor: Michelle Trudeau

Environmental Science and Resource Management Seminar

ESRM 429 (1 credit)

Wildlife Seminar

ESRM 455 (1 credit)
Instructor: John Marzluff

MESA Tutoring Seminar

C ENV 420 (2 credits)
Instructor: Gregory King

Autumn quarter 3-5 credit courses

Marine Biology

FISH/OCEAN/BIOL 250 B or D (3 or 5 credits, NW/I&S)
Instructor: Carolyn Friedman


ATM S 101 (5 credits, NW)
Instructor: Cliff Mass

Global WArming

ATM S 111 (5 credits, I&S/NW)
Instructor: Dargan Frierson

Climate Change

ATM S 211 (5 credits, I&S/NW)
Instructor: Becky Suess

Food and the Environment

C ENV 110 (5 credits, NW/I&S)
Instructor: Ray Hilborn

Intro to Environmental Studies

ENVIR 100 (5 credits, NW/I&S)
Instructors:  Beth Wheat

Sustainable Choices

ENVIR 239 (3 or 5 credits, NW/I&S)
Instructor: Kristi Straus

Intro to Environmental Science

ESRM 100 (5 credits, NW/I&S, online course)
Instructor: Robert Harrison

Forests and society

ESRM 101 (5 credits, I&S/NW)
Instructor: Kristina Vogt

Wildlife in the modern world

ESRM 150 (5 credits, NW/I&S)
Instructor: Laura Prugh

Sustaining pacific northwest ecosystems

ESRM 201 (5 credits, NW/I&S)
Instructor: David Butman

Marketing and management from a sustainability perspective

ESRM 320 (5 credits, I&S/NW)
Instructor: Dorothy Paun

Intro to Geological Sciences

ESS 101 (5 credits, NW)
Instructor: Terry Swanson

Space and Space Travel

ESS 102 (5 credits, NW/I&S, W optional)
Instructor: Erika Harnett

Living with Volcanoes

ESS 106 (3 credits, NW/I&S)
Instructor: Michael Harrell

Oceanography of the Pacific Northwest

OCEAN 101 (5 credits, NW)
Instructor: Mikelle Nuwer

Introduction to Oceanography

OCEAN 200 (3 credits, NW – For transfer students only, meets Sept 11-22 9-3:30)
Instructor: Rick Keil