The College of the Environment has seven undergraduate majors and nine minors. You can learn more about these academic programs by exploring their websites and connecting with departmental academic advisers.

Learn about upcoming events for prospective students and get tips on how to prepare for your College of the Environment degree on our Future Undergrads page. If you aren’t sure where to start or would like help exploring our majors, please contact our pre-major adviser, Christen Foehring:

In addition to our various degrees and programs offered, be sure to check out the College of the Environment’s General Education requirements that give you the foundational skills for your degree.

The College of the Environment also offers 18 graduate degrees and two graduate certificates.

Majors and minors

SAFS_undergrad_CoEnv ArchivesAquatic and Fishery Sciences

Understand aquatic natural systems, foster the sustainable use of resources, and develop solutions to a broad range of environmental issues.
BS and minor
Adviser: Samantha Scherer


Undergrad_ATMOS_ATMOS archivesAtmospheric Sciences

Learn about meteorology, climate change, and atmospheric chemistry with the top research faculty in the country.
BS and minor
Adviser: Melissa Pritchard


Undergrad_BSE_KarlWirsingBioresource Science and Engineering

Apply natural products chemistry, chemical processing, and material science to natural products and fiber based materials, including paper and biofuels.
Adviser: Lisa Nordlund


ESS_undergrad_KarlLangEarth and Space Sciences

From the center of Earth to the rim of the solar system, understand Earth, the solar system, and their histories through observation and modeling.
BA, BS, and minor
Advisers: Noéll Bernard-Kingsley and Meghan Oxley


UNdergrad_ESRM_CoEnvArchivesEnvironmental Science and Terrestrial Resource Management

Learn about natural and human dominated landscapes and how to apply this knowledge to real-world problems.
BS and minor
Adviser: Lisa Nordlund


UndergradPOE_NateMantuaEnvironmental Studies

Study the environment at the intersection of natural sciences, social sciences, and policy in a problem-solving context.
BA and minor
Adviser: Ana Wieman


Ocean RigOceanography

Explore the ocean — near, far and in the lab — while getting a rigorous education in interdisciplinary science and critical thinking.
BA, BS, and minor
Adviser: Michelle Townsend


Interdisciplinary minors

Climate Science

Explore the science of climate in a multidisciplinary context.
Adviser: Miriam Bertram

Marine Biology

Dive into the physical, biological and social aspects of the marine environment.
Adviser: Joe Kobayashi

Quantitative Science

Develop quantitative skills within biological and resource management contexts.
Adviser: Joe Kobayashi