Debbie Kelley is a marine geologist who looks at how submarine volcanoes support life in the absence of sunlight. She has dived in the submersible Alvin more than 50 times, reaching depths of 4000 m beneath the oceans surface, and routinely uses robotic vehicles to study some of the most extreme environments on Earth – submarine underwater hot springs. Her fieldwork takes her to volcanoes and hot springs off the Washington and Oregon coasts, the novel Lost City hydrothermal field on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and to the island of Cyprus. She is the Associate Director for Science for the cabled component of the National Science Foundation’s Ocean Observatories Initiative. This project utilizes high-power and -bandwidth, submarine fiber-optic cables to bring the Internet into the Pacific Ocean and onto the seafloor providing high-quality, real-time data from more than 100 instruments (e.g., high definition video, seismicity, ocean acidity, oxygen) to a global audience.