Funding Opportunities for Incoming Graduate Students

The College of the Environment Top-off Award is an opportunity for units to nominate truly superior prospective students for funding, to amplify efforts to recruit highly desired students.

Fund Use and Matching Requirements

Award College provides Unit provides
College of the Environment Top-Off Award up to 6 total awards of $5,000 each across the College. financial support for 1 year minimum (scholarship, fellowship, RA or TA funding)


Graduate Research Opportunity Enhancement Program (GROE) Award

The GROE Awards are specifically meant to incentivize faculty to write grants for their scholarly work that include graduate student support. They provide up to two years of bridge funding for a graduate student to begin research prior to receipt of grant or contract funding. While GROE Awards are continuously available, they are tied to the annual cycle of graduate recruitment because the intent is for faculty receiving GROE awards to accept new Ph.D. students (or Master’s students when that is the terminal degree in the unit). GROE Awards, including unit match, could be used as match for a GOP or College of the Environment Award.

There is no deadline for GROE nominations. Prioritized lists may be submitted at any time to the Associate Dean of Research, up to a maximum of 4 students per annual cycle. For the full rationale and details, including nomination requirements and procedure, see the GROE Program Policy.