Is your company or organization seeking talent with a background in an environmental field? Let us help! Target College of the Environment students and recent grads by posting current opportunities.

Add an opportunity

To add a job or internship opportunity to this page, please email the link to We will review the post and share it on the Career Opportunities page as soon as possible.

Please note: We strongly prefer links to position descriptions over PDF or Word Doc submissions and will prioritize postings in this format.

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Posting criteria

  1. The position must be in some way related to the environment and be a reasonable position for a student or recent alumni (five or less years of experience).
  2. The announcement must contain or link to a description that provides contact information and enough information about the position for a candidate to make an informed decision.
  3. There must be a reasonable amount of time both for the position to be posted and for a job seeker to respond. In general, this means the position must be able to be posted at least two days before the deadline arrives.

Employer use policy

The College of the Environment facilitates the listing of environmentally related opportunities from all bona fide employing organizations with full time, part time, temporary or seasonal jobs and internships. The College of the Environment follows best practices detailed in the University of Washington Career Center’s Employer Use Policy and expects employers to comply with this policy, which outlines guidelines that govern the manner in which positions are determined appropriate for posting, in keeping with the mission and purpose of the College of the Environment and the University of Washington.

The College of the Environment reserves the right to determine whether an opportunity is an appropriate match for the purpose and audience of the Career Opportunities Page.

If you have questions regarding the policy, please contact Michelle Hall, director of Student and Academic Services, at 206-543-6233 or