EarthLab launches first-ever Innovation Grants

EarthLab at the University of Washington envisions a world where nature and people thrive. To that end, EarthLab has launched an Innovation Grants program to provide funding for projects that are risky, new ideas with a high potential for impact and the ability to motivate change. Through this program, EarthLab hopes to increase capacity across the UW for innovations in the application of transdisciplinary scholarship, deepen engagement with diverse community partners (e.g., practitioners, policy makers, tribes, community groups outside of UW), and fund research projects that address problems from multiple perspectives, ultimately generating knowledge that is both usable and used. 

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An interview with FieldNotes

The FieldNotes editorial team.

Undergraduate students dedicate incredible time and effort each year to complete a capstone or other required research project, but the results are rarely published in a scientific journal. In spring 2018, four students from the College of the Environment set out to give the authors of this overlooked body of work a creative platform in which to share their work. The first issue of FieldNotes featured research on diverse topics, including the relationship between beaver dams and salmon migration, the impacts of ocean acidification on Puget Sound oysters and UW Environment’s efforts to promote STEM-based initiatives in underrepresented communities. 

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College scientists honored at 2018 AGU annual conference

Joel Thornton, Allan Devol and Harold Tobin are each being recognized at the 2018 annual conference of the American Geophysical Union, the world’s largest earth and space society. Each year, the Union take the opportunity to recognize outstanding scientists in their field. Thornton, a professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, received the Ascent Award from the AGU’s Atmospheric Sciences Section. 

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