Participants of the Workshop and Forum on Campus and Community-Scale Climate Change Solutions

In spring 2023, thought leaders from colleges and universities across the country convened in Washington, D.C., to discuss how the higher education community is responding to changes in our global climate, and how collectively they can meet the unprecedented challenge of climate change facing the nation and the world. Named the Forum and Workshop on Campus and Community-Scale Climate Change Solutions, the group explored innovative sustainability and resilience solutions being developed, demonstrated and taught on campuses and how these solutions can be expanded to and implemented on other campuses in the surrounding communities and beyond.

Maya Tolstoy, Maggie Walker Dean of the UW College of the Environment, was the Principal Investigator, and the event was led by a planning committee co-chaired by Sang Han of UW and Philip Lippel of MIT, and organized in partnership with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and a technical organizing committee. Many meeting participants and committee members contributed to the final report, which was edited by Philip Lippel, Sang Han, Maya Tolstoy and Robert Kopp.


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