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Book explains astrobiology for a general audience

Astrobiology: A Very Short Introduction

In the late 1990s, the University of Washington created what was arguably the world’s first graduate program in astrobiology, aimed at preparing scientists to hunt for life away from Earth. In 2001, David Catling became one of the first people brought to the UW specifically to teach astrobiology. Catling, a UW professor of Earth and space sciences, is the author of Astrobiology: A Very Short Introduction, the 370th offering in the Oxford University Press series of “very short introduction” books by experts in various fields. 

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Why I went to law school: confessions of a scientist

School of Marine and Environmental Affairs' Ryan Kelly

On April 30, COMPASS published a commentary in PLOS Biology on the journey from science outreach to meaningful engagement. This post is part of a series of reactions, reflections, and personal experiences we hope will expand the conversation. Read the summary post here, or track the conversation by searching for #reachingoutsci Why I went to law school: Confessions of a scientist What does it mean to get outside of the ivory tower of science and into the “real” world? 

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