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The art and science of Dale Durran

Bassoon rods illuminated by LED lights in random patterns against a metal backdrop

While most of his days are spent unraveling the intricacies of weather patterns and atmospheric dynamics, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences Dale Durran has embraced metal work to express his passion for the natural world. With a curiosity that reaches far beyond the confines of the laboratory, Durran crafts works that infuse the interplay of science and creativity into each unique piece. 

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Fish, Forests and Fungi podcast with Anne Polyakov

Alaskan stream against a backdrop of trees and mountains

Episodes 6 of our FieldSound Podcast looks at how fungi and salmon partner together in an intricate, ecological nutrient dance along Alaskan streams. Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management program student and PhD candidate Anne Polyakov hopes to use data collected along Alaskan salmon streams to understand better how nutrients flow into all parts of the system. Tune in as Anne shares her fascinating research and the important role of fungi in ecosystems. 

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From the Amplify archives: revisiting recent SciComm conversations 

amplify graphic image

Science touches nearly every aspect of our lives. Over the past several years, we have invited esteemed guests — both inside and outside of academia — to share a wide variety of perspectives on where science meets society, and the role communication plays. Through these discussions, we have explored new pathways for scientists to think about their own work, and considered ways to strengthen our collective impact. 

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Comic science: a SciComm method

A pen-and-ink drawing of the student table in the main lab

Science communication can take many forms, ranging from songwriting and improv to visual art and video games. Elise Littell, a senior in the UW School of Oceanography, started creating scientific comics after experiencing difficulty concentrating during online lectures, and was later featured in the student journal FieldNotes. We sat down with Littell to learn more about her inspiration for this creative endeavor. 

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VIDEO: Amplify SciComm event with Faith Kearns

Amplify: Conversations about Science Communication

Navigating the human relationships critical to successful practice-based science: a conversation with Faith Kearns It is no longer enough for scientists to communicate a scientific topic clearly; in addition to being experts in their fields of study, they must also be expert enough to navigate the thoughts, feelings and opinions of the people they engage with, as well as their own. 

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