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Shrubs, grasses planted through federal program crucial for sage grouse survival in Eastern Washington

Co-author Michael Shroeder releases a male sage grouse in Idaho in 2010.

The sage grouse is an exceptionally showy bird and an icon of the American West. But its sagebrush habitat is disappearing, and there is debate over how best to protect the populations in an increasingly developed landscape. A new study by University of Washington, state and federal researchers analyzed sage grouse in Eastern Washington and showed a surprisingly large benefit from a federal program that subsidizes farmers to plant year-round grasses and native shrubs instead of crops. 

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New book by UW's David R. Montgomery addresses how to rebuild Earth's soils

The cover of Professor Dave Montgomery's new book, "Growing a Revolution."

University of Washington geologist David R. Montgomery, a professor in the College’s Department of Earth and Space Sciences, writes that he never thought he’d write an optimistic book about the environment. Montgomery’s first popular book, “Dirt,” was about how erosion undermined ancient civilizations around the world in places like modern-day Syria and Iraq. Yet his latest book, “Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life,” is a good-news environment story. 

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