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Congrats to Aquatic and Fishery Sciences’ Chelsea Wood, ESA Early Career Fellow

Jodi Young

Chelsea Wood, an assistant professor at the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, has been named an Early Career Fellow of the Ecological Society of America (ESA). The ESA chooses members for this distinction who have made or show potential to make outstanding contributions to a wide range of fields served by the society. Such contributions can include those who advance or apply ecological knowledge in academics, government, nonprofit organizations and the private sector through outstanding contributions to research, education and/or outreach. 

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10 UW Environment stories you may have missed over the summer

Journal pages list all the species of plants the UW Environmental Studies class has seen by the penultimate day of their backpacking trip in the Olympic National Park backcountry. Here, the group takes a break at Grand Pass.

At the conclusion of a long and arduous academic year, many students look forward to the rest and relaxation that comes with summertime. But while many are enjoying the glorious downtime of a few months without classes, others — faculty, undergrads, graduate students and postdocs — are in the field and in labs pushing their research forward. The summer of 2016 was no different. 

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