two people in scuba gear prepare to dive from a boat
Olivia Graham, left, and Joey Ullman prepare for a dive last January.

In this episode of FieldSound, we take you to UW Friday Harbor Laboratories in the San Juan Islands, where marine researchers Olivia Graham and Joey Ullman prepare for a dive on a cold January morning. They scout sites for deploying juvenile sunflower stars, aiming to compare the survivability of lab-grown versus wild-caught specimens.

Fiona Curliss, another researcher, discusses the intricate process of raising these sea stars, from fertilization to adulthood, and the importance of their work in combating sea star wasting syndrome.

Learn about the research that is being conducted at UW Friday Harbor Labs, which provides an ideal environment for studying the marine environment. Faculty and researchers from the University of Washington and beyond gather at FHL to explore oceanography, chemistry, biology, ecology and other marine sciences. Students have the chance to engage deeply in research and coursework, linking classroom knowledge to the  ecosystems of the San Juan Archipelago.

Watch a video about FHL’s sea star rearing efforts.

The project recently was featured on NBC’s ‘Wild Kingdom’ show.