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Join us for the 2022 Doug Walker Lecture, Climate Crisis: Finding Hope in Action and Community

Two people plant seedlings in the ground.

Faced with countless environmental crises, it can be difficult to see a path to a better world — but change doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We can find hope in the relationships we build, the communities we forge, and the power we share when we act together. Join us for the University of Washington College of the Environment’s 2022 Doug Walker Lecture as we explore these topics and more with environmental advocate and educator Jamie Stroble ’10. 

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VIDEO: Amplify SciComm event with Faith Kearns

Amplify: Conversations about Science Communication

Navigating the human relationships critical to successful practice-based science: a conversation with Faith Kearns It is no longer enough for scientists to communicate a scientific topic clearly; in addition to being experts in their fields of study, they must also be expert enough to navigate the thoughts, feelings and opinions of the people they engage with, as well as their own. 

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2021 Doug Walker Lecture with Paulette Jordan and Sally Jewell

Sally Jewell sits down with Paulette Jordan

Human wellbeing and the health of our environment are inseparable. Indigenous Peoples have long recognized that nature has inherent and inalienable rights and have actively integrated that philosophy into their stewardship. Understanding our symbiotic relationship with the environment can help inform inclusive, actionable steps towards health and healing. Brought to you by the University of Washington’s College of the Environment, this live discussion featured: Paulette Jordan, founder and chairwoman of Save the American Salmon and proud member of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe Sally Jewell, former Secretary of the Interior Watch the recording of the 2021 Doug Walker lecture below. 

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2020 Doug Walker Lecture with Jonathan Foley and Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

Screenshot of a Zoom meeting

The events of this year have brought to the forefront the importance of the natural world to humanity, the intersection of science informing action and the fundamental human compact to elevate the lives of all people and leave a better world to future generations. Brought to you by the University of Washington’s College of the Environment, this live discussion was moderated by Dean Lisa Graumlich with featured speakers: Jonathan Foley, Executive Director of Project Drawdown Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Founder and CEO of the consultancy Ocean Collectiv, and Founder of Urban Ocean Lab Watch the recording of the 2020 Doug Walker lecture below. 

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