20 news posts from June 2021

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Cracking the code

cliamte video game graphics

These days, very little science occurs without someone typing at least a few lines of code into a computer. Researchers employ a variety of programming languages — such as R, Python and Bash — and software to organize their data, perform analyses, build models, and visualize results. College of the Environment scientists are no different, and that has implications for science, communication and how students will gain new computational skills in the future. 

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Two students from UW Environment receive 2021 President's Medal

Lee and Mazengia, 2021 UW President's Medal honorees

Congratulations to graduating seniors Elizabeth Lee (Program on the Environment) and Essac Mazengia (Environmental and Forest Sciences), both awarded the President’s Medal in the 2021 University of Washington Awards of Excellence. Each year, UW President Ana Marie Cauce presents two medals to the graduating seniors who have achieved the most distinguished academic records at the University: one medal to a student who has completed at least three-fourths of his or her degree requirements at the University of Washington, and one medal to a student who entered the University with at least 60 transfer credits from a Washington community college. 

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Endangered blue whales recorded off southwest coast of India

Divya Panicker set out the underwater microphone, or hydrophone, off India’s Kavaratti Island.

Research from the University of Washington shows that endangered blue whales are present and singing off the southwest coast of India. The results suggest that conservation measures should include this region, which is considering expanding tourism. Analysis of recordings from late 2018 to early 2020 in Lakshadweep, an archipelago of 36 low-lying islands west of the Indian state of Kerala, detected whales with a peak activity in April and May. 

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Bigger and worse wildfires? UW fire experts weigh in

Firefighters respond to the Taylor Creek and Klondike fires in Oregon’s Rogue-Siskiyou National Forest in summer 2018.

2020 was a memorable year for wildfires. Images of burning forests appeared everywhere on social media and attention-grabbing headlines dominated news cycles all over the world. Heading into the 2021 fire season, two big questions loom in everyone’s minds, so we checked in with some fire experts at UW Environment to ask: Are fires getting worse over time? If so, what compounding factors are in place? 

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Out of the classroom and into the world: next steps for UW Environment grads

8 graduating UW Environment students

Last finals completed, final papers submitted and PhDs defended…what awaits UW Environment students? From continuing studies and field work to entering the job market, our graduates are using their degrees to solve today’s environmental problems. Congratulations to all 2021 graduates, we are all so proud of your accomplishments in and out of the classroom. Hannah Glover – PhD student in the School of Oceanography When I’m done defending my PhD, I am planning on going into the field of environmental consulting, specifically at smaller agencies in the Pacific Northwest that do ecosystem restoration. 

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