UW College of the Environment Spring Celebration 2019Gather with UW College of the Environment faculty, staff and students to recognize the recipients of the College Awards, have some fun in the sun and celebrate the academic year gone by. We’ll have College chairs and directors serving up ice cream sundaes, award presentations across nine categories (outlined below) and garden games on the lawn.

UW College of the Environment Spring Celebration
Tuesday, May 7th , 3:30-5 p.m. (award presentation starts at 4 p.m.)
UW Fishery Sciences Building
1122 NE Boat. St., Seattle, WA

Dean Lisa J. Graumlich will introduce each awardee and recognize their achievements. Chosen through a College-wide nomination process, awardees were recognized by their colleagues for making unique, inspiring and meaningful contributions to our community during the academic year. All College faculty, staff, students and their guests are welcome.

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UW Oceanography's Shelly Carpenter
Oceanography’s Shelly Carpenter

Distinguished Staff Member

Shelly Carpenter, Oceanography

From Shelly’s nominator(s):

  • “Her generosity of time and attention for each individual transforms this building of sterile concrete into a happy, productive community.”
  • “She maintains an encyclopedic knowledge of not only microbiology, oceanography, and polar sciences but also chemical safety, University instrumentation, and human connections.”
  • “Surpassing well beyond the expected, Shelly epitomizes the extraordinary service and University values which the College seeks to reward.”

Earth and Space Sciences' Gerard Roe
Earth and Space Sciences’ Gerard Roe

Exceptional Mentoring of Undergraduates

Gerard Roe, Earth and Space Sciences and Benjamin Dittbrenner, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

From Gerard’s nominator(s):

  • “Prof. Roe has a deep conviction and commitment to undergraduate mentoring.”
  • “While leading research in climate modelling, Gerard also leads the way in ESS and creates a supportive environment for students to engaging in independent research.”
  • “He is dedicated to giving students every reasonable opportunity to complete their education.”
School of Environmental and Forest Sciences' Benjamin Dittbrenner
Benjamin Dittbrenner
Environmental and Forest Sciences’ Benjamin Dittbrenner

From Benjamin’s nominator(s):

  • “Ben’s broad array of talents make him the kind of instructor who students, colleagues and academic administrators all wish to work with.”
  • “He has worked with 21 capstone students, senior thesis students and interns.”
  • “He has raised over $80,000 specifically to pay for undergraduate researchers under his mentorship and has sent undergraduates to conferences, to speak with officials, and to participate as a board member on his non-profit Beavers Northwest.”

Aquatic and Fishery Sciences' Daniel G. Hernandez
Aquatic and Fishery Sciences’ Daniel G. Hernandez

Graduate Dean’s Medalist

Daniel Hernandez, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences and Lauren Schmeisser, Department of Atmospheric Sciences

From Daniel’s nominator(s):

  • “The community-oriented spirit and energy that Daniel has brought to service projects in Guatemala and Nicaragua have been a strong pillar of his experience while carrying out all of his research.”
  • “He simply cannot contain his enthusiasm for learning, experiencing as much as he can, and sharing what he learns for the benefit of others.”
  • “He is not one to sit still and wait for opportunities to come. He creates them.”
Department of Atmospheric Sciences' Lauren Schmeisser
Atmospheric Sciences’ Lauren Schmeisser

From Lauren’s nominator(s)

  • “Lauren is exactly the sort of student who will go on to address the most challenging environmental issues of our time.”
  • “Lauren’s incredibly upbeat personality and care for her fellow students shows through in all she does.”
  • “Whether it be TAing, serving as lead TA, creating and running the Graduate/Undergraduate Mentoring program, volunteering with the K-12 Outreach Team or assisting with recruiting new graduate students, Lauren makes the Atmospheric Sciences department a better place.”

Outstanding Community Impact

Washington Sea Grant and Climate Impacts Group (joint recipients)

  • Ian Miller, WSG
  • Guillaume Mauger, CIG
  • Harriet Morgan, CIG
  • Paul Dye, WSG
  • Nicole Faghin, WSG
  • Heidi Roop, CIG
  • Crystal Raymond, CIG
  • MaryAnn Wagner, WSG
  • David Schmidt, ESS
  • Mark Welch, ESS

From the Washington Sea Grant & Climate Impacts Group nominator(s):

  • “These outstanding scientists, planners and communication specialists have worked collaboratively and creatively with partners…and provided the clarity and detail necessary to communicate the significance of sea level rise to our community.”
  • “Within and beyond UW, the project brought together a diverse group of students, faculty and government scientists to address a common problem, deepening collaborations across academic and institutional borders.”
  • “The team has been instrumental in helping forecast sea level rise, open a dialogue with the public around climate change, and incorporate the emerging scientific data into our planning and construction projects.”

Outstanding Diversity Commitment

Katie McElroy, Yaamini Venkataraman, Sean Rohan, Catherine Austin, all from the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences (joint recipients)

From Katie, Yaamini, Sean and Catherine’s nominator(s):

  • “As scientists at the University of Washington and beyond share their enthusiasm and love for their research with the public, they will not only demystify science and increase environmental awareness, but also recruit new scientists.”
  • “Individuals like these outstanding nominees, are implementing actions to increase access for more communities to the sciences.”
  • “Thanks to [the nominees], ten students have created activities that will increase accessibility of the aquatic sciences, will promote and encourage students in the Seattle area to become future STEM leaders, and they will share what they learned with their colleagues.”

Aquatic and Fishery Sciences' Jose Guzman
Aquatic and Fishery Sciences’ José Guzmán

Outstanding Teaching Faculty

José Guzmán, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences

From Jose’s nominator(s):

  • “José is very active in promoting teaching and learning far beyond the call of duty.”
  • “He has approached his teaching with remarkable enthusiasm and a deep interest in student learning, implementing effective research-based approaches from the outset.”
  • “He has a deep interest in creating an inclusive classroom, building in research exercises that “introduce” his students (through technology) to colleagues from diverse backgrounds around the world.”

School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences' Rachel Fricke.
Rachel Fricke
Aquatic and Fishery Sciences’ Rachel Fricke

Undergraduate Dean’s Medalist

Rachel Fricke, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences and Program on the Environment

From Rachel’s nominator(s):

  • “Her ability to recognize the importance of environmental education and create groups and outlets is truly a unique feature of her personality that sets her apart from other undergraduates in the College and will prepare her well for a successful career in the environmental field.”
  • “During her two years at the University of Washington, Rachel has seized her opportunity and has used her time to find novel answers to research questions and to establish programs at the University that will continue to reap positive benefits for students long after she has left.”
  • “Although Rachel’s academic and scientific skills are impressive, I am even more impressed with her grit and follow-through – traits that predict professional success in the sciences.”