Join us for Spring Celebration on May 17 2017!
UW Environment
Join us for Spring Celebration on May 17, 2017!

Join us for ice cream sundaes as we bid farewell to the 2016-2017 academic year and honor this year’s College of the Environment award winners! UW Environment’s third annual Spring Celebration will be held at the Fishery Sciences Building at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 17, 2017. This event is for friends, colleagues and peers across all departments at the College and provides an opportunity to recognize a few of our incredible faculty, students and staff.

After the College’s Executive Committee serves up ice cream and attendees mingle, Dean Lisa J. Graumlich will introduce each awardee and recognize their achievements. Chosen through a College-wide nomination process, awardees were recognized by their colleagues for making unique, inspiring and meaningful contributions to our community during the academic year.

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David Campbell, Environmental and Forest Sciences graduate advisor
David Campbell, Environmental and Forest Sciences graduate advisor

Distinguished Staff Member

David Campbell, graduate advisor, Environmental and Forest Sciences

From David’s nominator(s):

  • “Whatever the concern, insignificant or earth shattering, he responds in a way that assures you it will be resolved in the most direct and efficient manner.”
  • “He wants all grad students to succeed and will go out of his way to ensure we have the resources to seek funding, mentorship and guidance.”
  • “David is a treasured resource.”

Oceanography graduate student Ashley Maloney
UW School of Oceanography
Oceanography graduate student Ashley Maloney

Exceptional Mentoring of Undergraduates

Ashley Maloney, graduate student, Oceanography

From Ashley’s nominator(s):

  • “She goes above and beyond in her roles as a teaching assistant, she seeks out undergraduate students to bring into the Sachs lab, and she actively engages at the college and other universities to increase the diversity of students which we serve.”
  • “Ashley has directly supervised many UW undergraduates in the Sachs Lab and in strenuous fieldwork abroad. Without exception, Ashley is an enthusiastic, caring and dedicated mentor to each undergraduate she has taught.”
  • “Ashley Maloney’s excitement about science and discovery was contagious, and when my research was taking a completely different track from the original plan, Ashley was there with an unmatched enthusiasm, helping me ask deeper, more exciting questions.”

Oceanography graduate student Katherine Heal
Ingalls Lab
Oceanography graduate student Katherine Heal

Graduate Dean’s Medalist

Katherine Heal, graduate student, Oceanography

From Katherine’s nominator(s):

  • “As a graduate student, Katherine is like a kid in a candy store, developing new approaches to challenging questions, acquiring extremely high quality data and mentoring countless undergraduates through complex lab work and thesis projects.”
  • “She is a true scholar, a gifted mentor and teacher and cares deeply about the impact of her scholarly work and community interactions.”
  • “In my opinion, Katherine is well on her way to becoming one of the thought leaders in oceanography.”

Undergraduate Dean’s Medalist

Robert Swan, undergraduate student, Environmental and Forest Sciences

From Robert’s nominator(s):

  • “Robert has worked in various labs under Professor Greg Ettl and his Ph.D. students, working as the GIS, data collection and public outreach intern for Pack Forest.”
  • “He educates a variety of age groups, from pre-K to adults, on sustainable resource management practices, sustainable agriculture and producing fertilizers and soils.”
  • “In addition to working part-time, Robert has also taken extra classes every quarter in order to graduate this spring — with honors — in three years (a year ahead of schedule).”

Jessica Hernandez
Environmental and Forest Sciences graduate student Jessica Hernandez

Outstanding Commitment to Diversity

Jessica Hernandez, graduate student, Environmental and Forest Sciences

From Jessica’s nominator(s):

  • “She finds numerous ways to collaborate with likeminded individuals and groups to build coalitions that promote efforts of diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM fields, particularly for the College of the Environment.”
  • “Jessica is a doer. She is passionate, she is driven and believes in the mission to create a better world by way of diversity, equity and inclusion.”
  • “The impact of her work at UW will surely be felt long after she graduates with her doctoral degree.”

Lara Whitely Binder, CIG senior strategist
Northwest Climate Science Center
Lara Whitely Binder, CIG senior strategist

Outstanding Community Impact (Staff/Faculty)

Lara Whitely Binder, senior strategist, UW Climate Impacts Group

Fro her nominator(s):

  • “As a key member of the Climate Impacts Group for over 15 years, Lara has become a regionally recognized leader in helping communities consider climate impacts as part of their operations and decision making.”
  • “She has assisted a wide range of municipalities, counties, state agencies, federal land managers and tribes as they seek to fuse climate thinking into their management of natural resources and infrastructure.”
  • “Lara has single-handedly raised climate literacy across the region.”

Oceanography graduate student Judy Twedt
Judy Twedt
Atmospheric Sciences graduate student Judy Twedt

Outstanding Community Impact (Student)

Judy Twedt, graduate student, Atmospheric Sciences

From Judy’s nominator(s):

  • “Judy has shown a fierce passion and strong commitment to engaging people from diverse backgrounds and audiences in discussions and activities around climate change.”
  • “We are inspired by her passion, compassion, persistence and leadership, and believe her work to be the gold standard in successful community engagement.”
  • “The Climate Caucus Speaker’s Bureau, which Judy co-founded in spring 2016, already has a membership of around 20 grad students and postdocs who contribute specific expertise on climate change and sustainable solutions.”

Associate Professor Anitra Ingalls
Associate Professor Anitra Ingalls

Outstanding Researcher

Anitra Ingalls, associate professor, Oceanography

From Anitra’s nominator(s):

  • “She uses a combination of fieldwork and lab-based studies to address global questions.”
  • “Dr. Ingalls has made several recent contributions in biogeochemistry that are widely recognized by peers as having a substantial impact on the profession.”
  • “Dr. Ingalls is credited with 120 citations for 6 publications in 2015 and 2016. This is remarkable, especially considering the short time frame.”

Professor Kerry Naish
UW Environment
Professor Kerry Naish
Associate Professor Gabrielle Rocap
UW Environment
Associate Professor Gabrielle Rocap

Outstanding Teaching

Kerry Naish, professor, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, and Gabrielle Rocap, associate professor, Oceanography

From Kerry and Gabrielle’s nominator(s):

  • “Kerry and Gabrielle have made enormous contributions to teaching through their involvement in reviewing, revising and finalizing the curriculum for the proposed marine biology major.”
  • “We are convinced that it would have been impossible to submit a package to FCAS without the work that Kerry and Gabrielle did. The faculty in our units were keen to ensure that the best proposal could be developed, but without the leadership provided by two of our most outstanding faculty, we suspect we would still have a curriculum that would be unworkable, lead to stress among the faculty of our units, and likely not achieve our high expectations for the major.”