21 news posts from March 2016

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Tracking ‘marine heatwaves’ since 1950 and how the ‘blob’ stacks up

The coast of the Pacific Northwest from space

Unusually warm oceans can have widespread effects on marine ecosystems. Warm patches off the Pacific Northwest from 2013 to 2015, and a couple of years earlier in the Atlantic Ocean, affected everything from sea lions to fish migrations to coastal weather. A University of Washington oceanographer is lead author of a study looking at the history of such features across the Northern Hemisphere. 

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Dean’s Letter: Curiosity-driven research—the foundation of all that we do

Dean Lisa Graumlich

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” —Albert Einstein Curiosity-driven research is scholarship in which real world applications are not immediately apparent. Such fundamental research can be seen as a luxury in a time where the College is called on to address a panoply of environmental challenges. Far worse is the fact that fundamental research in the geosciences is under fire in Washington, D.C. 

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Marine diseases, fisheries management, and more

Ocean Wave

Each week we share the latest peer-reviewed publications coming from the College of the Environment. As a special Spring Break edition, we are including all the new articles that have been added to the Web of Science database in the past two weeks. This week, we are showcasing twenty-two articles about marine diseases, fisheries management, and more. Check them out!

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Philanthropy: Making a Difference

Photos: student and glacier

Every gift that the College receives makes a difference to our programs, students, and faculty. We’re happy to announce that the College received 17 gifts that qualified for a gift match offered through the UW. These gifts, $3 million in donor funds and matching funds of $1.5 million, will benefit funds across many units in the College! One of the funds that has benefited from the matching campaign is the Doug Walker Endowed Faculty Fellowship in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, which honors the late Doug Walker, beloved founding co-chair of the College’s Advisory Board. 

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