Each week we share the latest peer-reviewed publications coming from the College of the Environment. As a special Spring Break edition, we are including all the new articles that have been added to the Web of Science database in the past two weeks. This week, we are showcasing twenty-two articles about marine diseases, fisheries management, and more. Check them out!

1. Title: Managing marine disease emergencies in an era of rapid change
Authors: M. Groner, J. Maynard, R. Breyta, R. Carnegie, A. Dobson, C. Friedman, B. Froelich, M. Garren, F. Gulland, S. Heron, R. Noble, C. Revie, J. Shields, R. Vanderstichel, E. Weil, S. Wyllie-Echeverria, C. Harvell
Source: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences, Volume 371/Issue 1689. Published March 2016

2. Title: Complementary approaches to diagnosing marine diseases: a union of the modern and the classic
Authors: C. Burge, C. Friedman, R. Getchell, M. House, K. Lafferty, L. Mydlarz, K. Prager, K. Sutherland, T. Renault, I. Kiryu, R. Vega-Thurber
Source: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences, Volume 371/Issue 1689. Published March 2016

3. Title: Phylogenetic relationships of Iranian infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) based on the glycoprotein gene
Authors: M. Adel, A. Amiri, M. Dadar, R. Breyta, G. Kurath, B. Laktarashi, A. Ghajari
Source: Archives of Virology, Volume 161/Issue 3, Pages 657-663. Published March 2016

4. Title: Planetary Protection and Mars Special Regions-A Suggestion for Updating the Definition
Authors:P. Rettberg, A. Anesio, V. Baker, J. Baross, S. Cady, E. Detsis, C. Foreman, E. Hauber, G. Ori, D. Pearce, N. Renno, G. Ruvkun, B. Sattler, M. Saunders, D. Smith, D. Wagner, F. Westall
Source: Astrobiology, Volume 16/Issue 2, Pages119-125. Published February 2016

5. Title: Evidence for the stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet divide for 1.4 million years (OPEN ACCESS)
Authors: A. Hein, J. Woodward, S. Marrero, S. Dunning, E. Steig, S. Freeman, F. Stuart, K. Winter, M. Westoby, S. Sugden
Source: Nature Communications, Volume 7. Published February 2016

6. Title: Impacts of ocean acidification on survival, growth, and swimming behaviours differ between larval urchins and brittlestars
Authors: K. Chan, D. Grunbaum, M. Arnberg, S. Dupont
Source: ICES Journal of Marine Science, Volume 73/Issue 3, Pages 951-961. Published February/March 2016

7. Title: Intrinsic and extrinsic drivers of source-sink dynamics
Authors: J. Heinrichs, J. Lawler, N. Schumaker
Source: Ecology and Evolution, Volume 6/Issue 4, Pages 892-904. Published February 2016

8. Title: Effects of long-term exposure to ocean acidification conditions on future southern Tanner crab (Chionoecetes bairdi) fisheries management
Authors: A. Punt, R. Foy, M. Dalton, W. Long, K. Swiney
Source: ICES Journal of Marine Science, 73 /Issue 3, Pages 849-864. Published February/March 2016

9. Title: Global pulses of organic carbon burial in deep-sea sediments during glacial maxima
Authors: O. Cartapanis, D. Bianchi, S. Jaccard, E. Galbraith
Source: Nature Communications, Volume 7. Published February 2016

10. Title: Interpretation and design of ocean acidification experiments in upwelling systems in the context of carbonate chemistry co-variation with temperature and oxygen
Authors: J. Reum, S. Alin, C. Harvey, N. Bednarsek, W. Evans, R. Feely, B. Hales, N. Lucey, J. Mathis, P. McElhany, J. Newton, C. Sabine
Source: ICES Journal of Marine Science, 73 /Issue 3, Pages 849-864. Published February/March 2016

11. Title: Life span and reproductive cost explain interspecific variation in the optimal onset of reproduction
Authors: E. Mourocq, P. Bize, S. Bouwhuis, R. Bradley, A. Charmantier, C. de la Cruz, S. Drobniak, R. Espie, M. Herenyi, H. Hotker, O. Kruger, J. Marzluff, A. Moller, S. Nakagawa, R. Phillips, A. Radford, A. Roulin, J. Torok, J. Valencia, M. van de Pol, I. Warkentin, I. Winney, A. Wood, M. Griesser
Source: Evolution, Volume 70/Issue 2, Pages 296-313. Published February 2016

12. Title: Estimating the dynamics of spawning aggregations using biological and fisheries data
Authors: A. Punt, D. Smith, M. Haddon, S. Russell, G. Tuck, T. Ryan
Source: Marine and Freshwater Research, Volume 67/Issue 3, Pages 342-356. Published March 2016

13. Title: Post-treatment mechanical refining as a method to improve overall sugar recovery of steam pretreated hybrid poplar
Authors: C. Dou, S. Ewanick, R. Bura, R. Gustafson
Source: Bioresource Technology, Volume 207, Pages 157-165. Published May 2016

14. Title: Seasonal variability of the relationship between SST and OLR in the Indian Ocean and its implications for initialization in a CGCM with SST nudging
Authors: T. Kohyama, T. Tozuka
Source: Journal of Oceanography, Volume 72/Issue 2, Pages 327-337. Published April 2016

15. Title: Co-management in Latin American small-scale shellfisheries: assessment from long-term case studies
Authors: O. Defeo, M. Castrejon, R. Perez-Castaneda, J. Castilla, N. Gutierrez, T. Essington, C. Folke
Source: Fish and Fisheries, Volume 17/Issue 1, Pages 176-192. Published March 2016

16. Title: Subantarctic and Polar Fronts of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and Southern Ocean Heat and Freshwater Content Variability: A View from Argo*(,+)c
Authors: D. Giglio, G. Johnson
Source: Journal of Physical Oceanography, Volume 46/Issue 3, Pages 749-768. Published March 2016

17. Title: Which design elements of individual quota fisheries help to achieve management objectives?
Authors: M. Melnychuk,T. Essington, T. Branch, S. Heppell, O. Jensen, J. Link, S. Martell, A. Parma, A. Smith
Source: Fish and Fisheries, Volume 17/Issue 1, Pages 176-192. Published March 2016

18. Title: The Response of the Southern Ocean and Antarctic Sea Ice to Freshwater from Ice Shelves in an Earth System Model
Authors: A. Pauling, C. Bitz, I. Smith, P. Langhorne
Source: Journal of Climate, Volume 29/Issue 5, Pages 1655-1672. Published March 2016

19. Title: Efficiency of Portable Antennas for Detecting Passive Integrated Transponder Tags in Stream-Dwelling Salmonids (OPEN ACCESS)
Authors: N. Banish, S. Burdick, K. Moyer
Source: PLOS ONE, Volume 11/Issue 2. Published February 2016

20. Title: Reacto-Diffusive Length of N2O5 in Aqueous Sulfate- and Chloride-Containing Aerosol Particles
Authors: C. Gaston, J. Thornton
Source: Journal of Physical Chemistry A, Volume 120/Issue 7, Pages 1039-1045. Published February 2016

21. Title: Implementation in the NCEP GFS of a Hybrid Eddy-Diffusivity Mass-Flux (EDMF) Boundary Layer Parameterization with Dissipative Heating and Modified Stable Boundary Layer Mixing
Authors: J. Han, M. Witek, J. Teixeira, R. Sun, H. Pan, J. Fletcher, C. Bretherton
Source: Weather and Forecasting, Volume 31/Issue 1, Pages 341-352. Published February 2016

22. Title: Origin of oxidized mercury in the summertime free troposphere over the southeastern US (OPEN ACCESS)
Authors: V. Shah, L. Jaegle, L. Gratz, J. Ambrose, D. Jaffe, N. Selin, S. Song, T. Campos, F. Flocke, M. Reeves, D. Stechman, M. Stell, J. Festa, J. Stutz, A. Weinheimer, D. Knapp, D. Montzka, G. Tyndall, E. Apel, R. Hornbrook, A. Hills, D. Riemer, N. Blake, C. Cantrell, R. Mauldin
Source: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Volume 16/Issue 3, Pages 1511-1530. Published 2016