19 news posts from June 2012

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Cool videos from Earth and Space Sciences – YouTube

Check out these cool videos, highlighting two Earth and Space Sciences courses, and created by ESS students. The videos were created to promote ESS courses, and do a great job of highlighting the exciting course offerings and fun associated projects. Watch a video about ESS 205 – Access to Space — here, featuring balloon launch. Watch a video about ESS 102 here, which includes rocket launch. 

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Novel scientific equipment will unlock ocean secrets for decades - UW Today

Like a seal that dives into the water over and over feeding on fish, sometime in the not-too-distant future sophisticated scientific equipment will start traveling from the ocean’s surface to 650 feet deep as often as eight times a day.  Along the way it will collect important data about ocean properties including currents, microorganisms and temperature, sending the information in real time to scientists sitting comfortably in their offices–and with updates it will do this for 25 years.  

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New research to help scientists better predict underwater volcanic eruptions - UW Today

A team of scientists studying last year’s eruption of Axial Seamount now says that the undersea volcano some 250 miles off the Oregon coast gave off clear signals hours before the eruption.  The findings, plus those from scientists who mapped the lava flow, are published this week in three separate articles in the journal Nature Geoscience.  To read more about this research, click here. 

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Nuclear and coal-fired electrical plants vulnerable to climate change - UW Today

Warmer water and reduced river flows in the United States and Europe in recent years have led to reduced production, or temporary shutdown, of several thermoelectric power plants.  A study by European and University of Washington scientists published today in Nature Climate Change projects that in the next 50 years warmer water and lower flows will lead to more such power disruptions.  

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Boat first aid course offered by WA Sea Grant in Gig Harbor

Washington Sea Grant and the Gig Harbor BoatShop at the Eddon Boatyard are holding a first-aid at sea course for recreational boaters and commercial fishermen. Topics to be covered during the Coast Guard-approved course include cardiopulmonary resuscitation, patient assessment, hypothermia, shock, trauma, burns, fractures, choking and first-aid kits. 

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