19 news posts from June 2012

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Scientists come together to create global monitoring network for ocean acidification – NatureNews

Researchers estimate that ocean acidity has risen by about 30% since the Industrial Revolution in the nineteenth century, but they need better data to improve assessments of where the problem is most severe, and to model future trends. A meeting on campus this week, involving oceanographers from more than 20 countries, aimed to develop plans to build on existing observation networks, giving buoys and other monitoring devices the ability to make standardized ocean acidification measurements. 

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Arctic sea-ice levels at record low for June - The Guardian

Satellite observations show the extent of the Arctic’s floating ice that melts and refreezes every year was 318,000 square miles less last week than the same day period in 2007, the year of record low extent, and the lowest observed at this time of year since records began in 1979. Research from the Polar Science Center is mentioned; read more here. 

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UW deploying seismic sensors to study Spokane's swarm - UW News

In 2001, scores of quakes of magnitude 4.0 or less shook the Spokane area. Now, armed with the right tools, scientists want to find out what was at fault. ESS‘ Douglas Gibbons is guiding installation of strong-motion sensors, as part of a project called NetQuakes, to help improve understanding of what lies beneath Spokane. Read more here! 

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