Four students from UW Environment honored in 2022 Husky 100

Congrats to UW's Husky 100!

Congratulations to four College of the Environment students recognized in the 2022 Husky 100! The Husky 100 actively connect what happens inside and outside of the classroom and apply what they learn to make a difference on campus, in their communities and for the future. Through their passion, leadership and commitment, these students inspire all of us to shape our own Husky Experience. 

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VIDEO: Amplify SciComm event with Faith Kearns

Amplify: Conversations about Science Communication

Navigating the human relationships critical to successful practice-based science: a conversation with Faith Kearns It is no longer enough for scientists to communicate a scientific topic clearly; in addition to being experts in their fields of study, they must also be expert enough to navigate the thoughts, feelings and opinions of the people they engage with, as well as their own. 

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Diversity, equity and inclusion at the Program on the Environment

students walking through campus

​​​​How do we accomplish change that lasts, especially with complex issues such as diversity, equity and inclusion? That question lies at the heart of conversations that have been occurring over the past two years in University of Washington’s Program on the Environment (PoE). PoE is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program where students study and reflect upon intersections of the environment and human societies, and the primary unit in the College of the Environment offering a Bachelor of Arts degree. 

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Back in person: how UW Environment instructors are preparing for autumn quarter

Students participate in a socially-distanced in-person lab.

After more than a year of remote learning, the imminent return of students and faculty has brought excitement and uncertainty to the University of Washington campus. We spoke with four UW instructors who are getting ready for an entirely in-person autumn quarter, once again preparing classrooms, lab spaces and offices for the a new school year.  Integrative Oceanography (OCEAN 210) is a core course for Oceanography and Marine Biology majors with about 100 students. 

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UW Environment announces 2021-2022 dean’s office scholarship recipients

Dubs up, UW Class of 2016!

The College of the Environment is pleased to announce the following undergraduate and graduate scholarships awarded for 2021-22. Del Rio Endowed Environmental Studies Scholarship The Del Rio Family Foundation established the Del Rio Endowed Scholarship Fund for Environmental Studies to encourage and support students with an interest in the environment who are participating in the Educational Opportunity Program. The Program promotes academic success and graduation for under-represented ethnic minority, economically disadvantaged and first-generation college students at the University of Washington. 

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